Tarmo is back with us as well. He is always one for a hard spanking and he gets the cane well here


Craig is house sitting while Tony is away and lo and behold Sam the houseboy is taking it easy. While the cats away the mouse will play or in this case lay around and do nothing. But he does not [...]

Clumsy Sam

Reading makes you peckish and as Sam is in the house its a great idea to call for some biscuits. However, as Sam brings them in he stumbles and throws the lot all over the place. Such clumsiness [...]

Rafi and Jerry

I met Rafi in a bar and we soon discovered a mutual passion for spanking. When I told him I made films he was instantly eager to be in one. When he turned up he had bought an escort with him, [...]

Terry prank

Terry is still a house guest and still has not learned to play by the rules. He sees that Cal has made a cup of tea and left it unattended and thinks its a great idea to add some salt to it. Cal [...]

Marti Lazy

Marti is laying on the sofa playing with his laptop and in the process of eating and surfing has littered the floor with trash, old wrappers and bits of food. He is having a lazy day which is OK [...]

Terry a big mistake

As always we have a busy apartment with guys coming and going and its hard to keep an eye on them all a lot of the time. cal is popping to the shop and leaves a new guest – Terry in the [...]

Andrew hoisted

Andrew is marched into the salon and literally hoisted up OTK. The leg is standing on a table so Andrew has to jump up to get over and has to balance to stay there. He gets a good firm spanking [...]