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If you go down to the forest 2

After his first forest spanking Philip should have learned how to behave, no such luck. A Paddling in the warm sunlight is just what is needed and just what he gets. Still scared stiff that anyone passing by will see his humiliation Philip is very twitchy. Not the last of the outdoor summer adventures for Philip I am sure.

Cal on the table

A requested clip for Cal by RK USA. It is unusual to get a request for a lad to be spanked with the long shoe horn, especially Cal, so it was a must do. Cal in his tight white underwear looks great as he lays on the table, a hard surface makes squirming harder so he has to lay there and take it. The long shoe horn is a real butt stinger and his underwear offer no protection at all. This is seen when they are pulled down and his red butt is exposed. Some great angles on this muscular butt as the shoe horn falls. Cals face at the end says it all. A great way to spanking a sexy guy.

Back to the forest

Well it is kind of going home for the paddle, back with all the trees. Mik however, does not see it quite like that. Craig is a master with the paddle and he really lays it on Mik, and lets face it Mik needs a damned good paddling from time to time. The blistering butt is great to see in the dappled summer light of the forest. Mik and Craig always give a great show.

Philip learns the hard way

Philip has been wearing Rickys T-shirt and Ricky is furious about it. After confronting Philip and finding a could not care less attitude Ricky retreats for a moment to fetch the ping pong bat. Grabbing Philip by the ear he gets the lad OTK and lays it on hard. First the tight black underwear gets a paddling then the bare ass, which is already glowing nicely. Ricky really is unhappy and the blistering butt he gives Philip shows it perfectly.

David a good all rounder

A bit of an impromptu clip, it just happened and thats why the lighting is a little rough and ready. David was bragging and carrying on so it was decided to see if he is as good as his word. He starts off with a hand set OTK which is always a good warm up. Then the small heavy paddle OTK and then the bath brush, which is deceptive in its effects. Then finally the small wooden paddle. A nice long spanking with variety. Just goes to show David is indeed a good all rounder.

Philip Caned

We have had a lot of requests for Philip to be caned in various situations. This clip is the most requested scenario. Marched in and told to bend over the table Philip sees two canes produced, one thin and whippy and one thicker one. The whippy cane is used first on his thin shorts, which offer no protection. Once these are pulled down his stripped ass is seen in all its glory. The thick cane makes the strips even better and even though Philip got hard with the small cane this thicker one seems to dampen his ardor.

Mik in the forest

Mik is marched up to a tree for a spanking with the belt. Making the most of the dog days of summer by spanking guys outdoors Craig really enjoys this spanking. Mik yelps as his ass gets a good belting. Craig is not one to hold back and he really lays it on Mik. A great summer outdoor clip.

Not good enough Milo

After what he thinks is a tough workout Milo is puffing and panting. But coach is far from impressed and he berates Milo before hoisting him up OTK. With his legs kicking and moaning and whimpering he gets a good spanking as a way of telling him to wake his ideas up and fast. A great position for keeping the spankee off balance and his ass presented well.

Conrad’s Prank

Conrad knows the rules of the house but he has a naughty mischievous side, so he decides to bring the coffee naked. laughing as he does it he is chased and caught and OTK in a flash. His small smooth butt gets a spanking of course but Conrad is one of those lads that gets something extra out of a spanking and is soon rock hard. No matter how he tries he cannot hold back and he dumps a load as his butt tingles. So great fun clip with the ever horny and sexy Conrad.

Late Home

Jeff is very late home from College and it does not matter that he looks sheepish and apologetic about it. There is only one way to treat tardiness and thats a good spanking and thats just what he gets. Having been brooding and waiting with the small paddle in hand Jeff has not time to get his trousers down before he is OTK and gets a few swats on the short trousers. This is not good and very quickly he has to drop them and get back OTK in his tight white underwear. Peeping around the edge of these is a delicious red glow and when they are pulled down the full glory of his cherry red bum is seen. I am sure Jeff has learned a lesson this time.

The Error of His Ways

Jeff is going out for the evening and pops his head round the door to say bye. He foolishly turns his back and a stolen can of beer is spotted in his back pocket. Confronted with this there is only one way to deal with things, a session OTK with the belt. Some say the belt is hard to use this way and does not get the best swing for best effect but it looks like Jeff feels differently about it as his ass gets swat after swat.

David gets the Crop

David is naked and presents his pert ass for a session with the riding crop. This makes him jump and squirm as it stings like hell. His butt looks a picture as the crop does its work. David is a lad who needs a spanking often, and his ass always looks better afterwards. The crop is not seen that often but when it appears so does a well spanked ass.

Philip in Trouble Again

Requested by CS in France. Marched into the office Philip knows he is in trouble again. He drops his trousers when ordered and bends over the desk. He gets some good whacks from the small paddle on his white underwear. Once this warm up is over they are pulled down and his rosy butt is exposed for some more of the same. But peeping out from under his shirt is Philips natural reaction to a spanking. The longer the spanking goes on the harder it is for him to control himself, and finally he just lets go in his wonderful style all over the desk. Once spotted this leads to a flurry of swats from the paddle and being told to go and collect whatever necessary to clean it up. A classic clip with Philip.

Three Together

The lads are all having a moan about things in general and the last thing they expected was to be caught by Craig. He is not impressed that they are all sat around bitching and moaning so he gives them something to moan about. Three lads in a row all presenting their bare butts for a strapping is a great way to deal with this in one go. This is quite an impromptu clip and the phones ringing and the banter are all genuine. Craig is a fair man and they all get a good taste of the strap.

Early One Morning

Jeff wanders into the kitchen in his underwear yawning his head off. He knows full well that he should be dressed when walking around the house and being half asleep is no excuse. He finds himself bending over the table getting his ass spanked. It must be breakfast time because as he clenches at the swats his ass appears top be trying to eat his underwear. This does not last as they are soon down and his bare ass is getting a wake up call. One spanked and unhappy Jeff is finally ordered out of the kitchen to go and put on some clothes.

Yes Officer

The two lads have been out on a shoplifting spree and are well pleased with themselves. That is until they are caught by a rather unhappy policeman. They are marched into the office and find themselves paying for their crimes. First it is OTK in front of each other, and officer Craig does not pull his swats. If the spanking is enough then the added humiliation of being spanked in front of a friend makes it even better, for us that is. But the officer is not satisfied with just an OTK session he makes the two lads stand side by side and get a taste of the paddle, one he keeps ready for wayward lads such as these. Asses glowing they are ordered out the room, a wipe of the brow says that the officer gave his best.

If you go down to the forest

If you go down to the forest you are in for a big surprise, well Philip was anyway. What better on a sunny day than spank and cute guy outdoors. Philips ass in the dappled sunlight of the forest looks even better than usual. His edginess at being caught by passers by adds to the scene. A great summer open air belting for Philip.

David a paddling

David strips naked and adopts the position and the paddle appears. This makes him buck nicely and the bloom on his ass is lovely to see as it grows. David has a butt just made for spanking, small and pert, and it always looks better with some colour on it. The paddle is a great way to add that colour, although David might feel differently about things.

Locker room thief

Feeling unhappy at his last spanking Milo decides, foolishly, to see if anyone has left anything worth stealing in their clothes in the locker room. He is so occupied he doesn’t hear two lads come in and they catch him in the act. He tries to deny it but they are angry and a scuffle breaks out. The noise attracts the attention of Coach Craig and once he has heard the facts he tells the two lads to pin down and stretch out Milo on the bench while he fetches his belt. Furious that someone has betrayed his trust Coach really lays the belt on hard and the yelping Milo is in a world of hurt. His ass is covered in welts and is a beautiful colour as his mates hold on tight to the squirming lad. A classic locker room punishment scene and a no holes barred belt spanking from Craig.

David Late

Late home from College David is told to drop his trousers and adopt the position ready for a taste of the belt. This starts off with some nice swats on his tight white underwear before revealing his bare ass and getting more strokes of the belt. The look on Davids face is priceless and it looks like the message is getting through.