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Behind the Scenes

This is an impromptu clip, so it is filmed on the go, so it is raw, rough and ready. There was a bit of a difference of opinion and some shouting. The cameraman grabbed the camera and came to see what was going on. He found Ricky pinned to the floor being spanked for answering back and being awkward. A real behind the scenes clip.

Ricky Cane and Belt

Something a little different for Ricky, as requested by BT in the USA. Ricky is tied to the wall restraints and waits for his spanking. First off is a set with the cane. This gives his ass some nice stripes and makes him hop around. Then the belt is bought in for that extra sting to the finish. Ricky is then released and as a thank you for his spanking he shakes hands. A really great clip with a great new position, and a challenge, for Ricky.

Crafty Mark

Mark is trying to be crafty and sneak out even though he is grounded. He thinks he is being quiet and peeks round the door to make sure he is alone. Little does he know that he is being watched from behind. As he reaches for the door a voice makes him jump and he is found out. Hanging his coat up he knows whats next and there and then he gets a spanking. Its what he deserves and what he gets.

Enough Attitude

Cal has had enough with Arthurs attitude and has scheduled a spanking. He calls the lad in to the room and gets him OTK. Cal lays it in well on the jeans for a few swats before he tells Arthur to drop his trousers and get back over his knee. The red briefs really show off the shape of Arthurs butt and Cal takes full advantage of the situation. Of course Cal is a fair man and he gives the lads bares ass a good spanking as well. The look on Arthurs face at the end says he might just have got the point.

Meet Leon

Leon said he was a tough lad and didnt want the usual introduction to our team, he wanted to jump in the deep end. So thats exactly what he got. It was decided, not by him, that the best way would be to paddle him, three paddles that is. The normal paddle, the slim paddle and the leather paddle. His butt looked so good in his white underwear that the first paddling was all on those. When they are pulled down to reveal his cute pert little ass it is clear that the paddled has warmed him up nicely. The slim paddle makes him draw a few sharp breaths and grimace and wonder if he made the right decision. The final look round when its all over is priceless. A great debut for Leon.

Philip Belt

The bathroom was left in a mess and Philip is the culprit. He is thrown down on the couch and given the belt. His ass is presented perfectly and is glowing in no time at all. With one leg up on the couch and the other on the floor Philips muscular butt is a perfect picture. The look on his face, and the quick glance at the camera speak volumes in this great clip.

Arthur caught out

Arthur is meant to be studying but he is surfing the net instead. There is only one way to deal with this and that is to paddle his ass. The slim paddle is ideal for this. His butt looks great in jeans and the underwear fits his curves beautifully. Some great angles on this hot lad getting the spanking he deserves. A lovely pert little butt that the paddle loves. Seems that study is easier than surfing the net. Lets hope he has not learned a lesson.

Straight to bed 2

As we saw last time Mark was sent to bed to think over the error of his ways. But of course that is the last thing on his mind and he has the phone in one hand and his dick in the other. The fact that he left the light on escapes him but it attracts attention of another kind. The light acted as a warning that something was up and Mark now finds himself looking at the strap being waved in his face. He is rolled over and given a good long strapping for not doing as he is told. After a final warning he is left to go to sleep but that doesnt last and he finishes off what he started. I am sure he will have to play for that at some point.

Straight to bed

Mark is in trouble, as usual, and he is getting a spanking before being sent to bed early. He is wearing a pair of tight blue jeans that really hug his ass and make it a delightful target. Not only the jeans but his underwear, when he is told to drop his trousers, are also figure hugging. This lad has a super butt for spanking. Of course when bare it looks even better. Once spanked Mark is told to go to bed and stay there. This is part 1 and in part 2 on Saturday we see what happens next.

Connor slips up

Connor is walking through the salon is just a towel, which is frowned upon at the best of times, when it slips of and he is butt naked. That is a breach of the rules and he finds himself ass up OTK and getting a spanking to teach him to dress more appropriately. His perfect muscular ass was made to be spanked. It is cute the way he hides his face so as not to show that he finds it all rather humiliating.

Smoking is bad for you

Well smoking is bad for Ricky. he has been caught with cigarettes again. He is told off in no uncertain terms, the pack is thrown at him and makes him jump in surprise. He is they told to kneel on the couch and prepare for a spanking. The paddle is used to make the point really hit home. His face shows that he regrets smoking or is it regrets getting caught, either way its a picture.

Arthur Paddled

Just as he was leaving after his visit Arthur got a little surly in the way he spoke so we thought a short session with the ping pong bat might help focus him a little ready for the next time he comes. A few good swats on the tight fitting jeans and then on the underwear and fiannly his bare ass. This seems to do the trick as he does not look quite so arrogant as before.

Damned Cheek

Ricky walks in and throws the mail down and walks out. There is a look of shock at the damned cheek of his attitude. Ricky is followed out the room and dragged back and pulled OTK. His ass looks spectacular in the orange briefs, a perfect target. He jumps and wriggles as he is spanked and when his briefs are pulled down his ass looks just as inviting. A nice clip with the ever naughty Ricky.

Christmas 2017

This is a tale of two Santas. The first one is delivering presents when the second appears. Of course there is only one Santa and they start to squabble. This attracts some attention and they both find themselves getting the paddle. A very Merry Christmas from all at BBFC!

Ricky that phone

A lazy Ricky is a safe bet, he is not the most focused of lads and will always be happy to sit and do nothing wasting time. He finds himself dragged by the ear OTK and the ping pong bat applied to his ass. Great to see that Ricky goes commando sometimes as he has nothing on under his black trackies. A recalcitrant Ricky is great for us but maybe not so good for him, lets hope he does not learn a lesson too soon.

Forgot the Chores

Philip has had a shower and is relaxing playing games on his phone. The trouble is he has forgotten to do his chores before all of these things. He is asked about this and and told in no uncertain terms that he has to do his work first. Philip is made to lay on the couch and the strap cracks down on his ass. First on his underwear and then on his bare ass. This is not the best position to spank Philip in as he always gets excited and finding himself in his usual state it is impossible to to stop the inevitable happening. The look on his face at the end is a mixture of embarrassment and pain, a great combination.

Ricky Can’t Help It

By can’t help it we mean that left alone with a PC Ricky will almost certainly log onto a porn site and start to play with himself, and this time is no different. He is enjoying himself and does not realise that he is being watched over his shoulder. Confronted and told off he has to drop his trackies and wait while the slim paddle is found. He is then bent over the desk and paddled until his ardor is dampened. A classic Ricky clip with his cute look round to see whats happening at the other end.

Meet Arthur

Having said he would come three times Arthur has finally turned up. His reason is that he never makes plans and decides on the day what he is doing. He also has that surly look that says he is slightly arrogant. Told to strip and wait in his underwear and wait he still has that look about him. This is his forst ever spanking and he looks very uncomfortable with it. His ass, however, looks great both in boxers and bare. A good little debut for Arthur and as he has a perfect little ass I am sure we will see more of him soon, with or without attitude.

Philip The Final Demand

Not only has Philip run up a big bill he hid the first demand and now the final red demand has turned up. There is only one way to deal with him and thats OTK. His face really shows that he knows he has over stepped the mark. Always great to see Philip get excited when he is spanked and this is no exception, he grows as his ass gets get a walloping. A good old fashioned simple OTK for Philip and just what he needs.

A Present for Ricky

Lads are all the same, leave them alone for five minutes close to Christmas and they are looking in all the cupboards for presents that have been hidden away. Ricky is on a present hunt and manages to find one tucked away int he back of a cupboard. Just as he is about to unwrap it he is caught reed handed. There and then he gets a spanking just as it should be. His ass looks great in trackies and even better in his tight boxers, of course bare it is a picture. I wonder what other mischief he will get up to before the big day.