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The hard way

There are two ways of learning, the hard way and the easy way, so why is lads always choose the hard way. Especially lads like Ricky that know all the rules but always choose to break them. He is thrown down on the couch, somewhat reluctantly, and the strap cracks down on his ass. This makes him yelp and protest and he has to be told again that rules are rules. No matter how he squirms and struggles he gets a lesson he will remember.

Harry OTK

There have been a lot of requests to see Harry get a good old fashioned OTK spanking, so here it is. Starting on his trousers as a warm up then after he has taken them down a good set on the underwear and ending on his bare furry little butt. Must have struck a chord with Harry as his little yelps and whimpers are so cute. A nice long OTK clip.

Ricky take that

Already in trouble Ricky is semi naked when he is marched into the room and thrown across the desk. He struggles and protests at his spanking. He has to be held in place to stop him winging so much, his dick is grabbed and pulled back between his legs. That does the trick and he has no choice but to take whats coming to him. Once he has the fight spanked out of him he gets a few good strokes of the strap without being held in place. A lesson well learned.

An unexpected turn

A lazy Philip is bought to task over his ways and finds himself leaning against the unit for a paddling with the ping pong bat. A good classic Philip spanking follows with the inevitable result that he is standing proud by the end. Not doubt about it he has a really spankable butt, whether it is firm and muscly as in this clip or more relaxed and wobbling like his last clip in the kitchen. It is perfect that he is a naughty lad and finds his ass bare and glowing red regularly. However, this time we seem to have triggered something else in Philip. He manages to control his urges through the spanking, which is unusual. But the stern lecture at the end tips him over the edge and as he is told off he lets go an uncontrollable orgasm. This is an unexpected turn of events and I wonder if we have found a deeper trigger for Philip.

Harry in Trouble

Having been kept back after classes Harry has to do some serious study. But no sooner is he left alone than he looses interest, gets bored and falls asleep. Woken from his blissful state by a bang on the desk he finds himself in even more trouble. Told to drop his trousers and underwear he is over the desk and getting a taste of the strap. A cracking Harry clip for all his fans.

Not in the Kitchen

Having been told to clean his room the very last thing Philip should do is wander into the kitchen stark naked. But that is exactly what he does. He is almost thrown against the unit and finds himself getting a good spanking. This must be an idea position as his positively vibrates at each swat. A great clip with Philip showing something new.

Over my Knee

It’s not long since Philips last spanking and he has to be called back and have the rules explained to him again. Why do lads never take on board what is told to them, what the red ass lessons teach. This time a good fast pace spanking, a rain of swats that keep his ass constantly aware of the rules. We thought a change of pace would have a dampening effect on Philip but alas it seems to have the opposite effect completely. Thats why the clip is called Over my Knee because thats where Philip empties himself. We will have to think of something new to challenge this guy.

Oh Conrad

Grabbing the first thing to hand when he sees the mess that Conrad has left the bathroom in means that this is the first time Conrad gets a spanking with the shoe horn. The long slender shoe horn stings like mad and really wakes up the most tardy of lads. The first few swats are on the tight white underwear, which show the contour of his ass wonderfully. The rest are on the bare ass. Being a dark skinned lad there is an overall deep red colour rather than hard lines, the only thing that does this to Conrad is the cane as we saw in his last clip. A super clip with a sulky Conrad learning the hard way.

Mark Paddled

Mark is called into the salon and he wanders in as bold as brass stark naked. He obviously does not know the rules about walking around naked. Well he is about to get a lesson he will remember. Kneeling on the couch the slim paddle cracks down on his ass, each stroke helping him make a mental note of the house rules. A super clip with Mark and his super sexy butt.

Conrad Caned

This clip was made for a private client who also wrote the script, to celebrate his birthday. He was so happy that he has asked me to share it with everyone. This is a very formal and paced clip of Conrad getting the cane. There is a tension throughout the clip that is captured in a wide range of shots from many different angles. Conrads butt always takes the cane well and the stripes are lovely to see.

Ricky Bottom up

Ricky is dozing on the couch, naked. Now we all know the rules of the house and walking around or laying around naked is a no no. So as he is happy just laying there he is is told to raise his as sup and present it for a taste of the strap. This is a great position to get a guy in, everything on show and a perfect target. As the swats fall so does Ricky, how dramatic these bottoms can be sometimes. He has to raise himself again after each fall. A great clip in a great position.

Naughty Mark

For some reason Mark cannot tell the time and is always late. Told to drop his trousers and lean over the couch he gets a reminder on telling the time. His tight white underwear reveal his shapely ass really well. When these are pulled down his smooth butt is shown in all its glory. Being a dark skinned lad he does not colour up but rather goes a deeper colour, very sexy and a lovely change to the usual. A nice clip with our latest arrival Mark.

Philip because he needs it

Philip like all lads needs a regular spanking to cover his multitude of sins. The best way to do this with Philip is OTK with the ping pong bat. The bat always brings out the best colour in Philips ass. The look on his face is all you need to know, it shows hew is guilty of something that has not been found out yet and that he knows he deserves what he is getting.

A bad day for new lad Mark

A clip in story format with some voice over and music. Told from Marks point of view. Here is a brief summary of what happens. Marks day starts off as his days usually do. He is not a morning person and waking up is difficult. There is a cure for this and it involves being pulled out of bed and OTK and getting his ass tanned. Things go from bad to worse as he goes to uni in the wrong trousers and gets caned for it. Ifthats not bad enough he gets another OTK when he gets home because its know there as well. A little reflection on the day laying on his bed, where he recalls his friends Philip and Conrad also go the cane, makes him start to think that maybe it might be his own fault. He finds that he is forgiven and allowed out for the evening as long as he is home early. Of course he turns up late, very late, and once more he is OTK and getting the ping pong bat on his ass. Three lads and 6 spankings its a super clip. With his cheeky grin and stunningly spankable butt I am sure we will see a lot of Mark.

His regular spanking

Ricky is one of those guys that needs a regular spanking to keep in hand and under control. Called in he almost throws himself OTK and ends up in a wide open position. He gets a good spanking and being in a slightly raised position his bits are waving around wildly. A good regular spanking is just what Ricky needs and gets here.

Trouble for Jeff

Being a somewhat lazy lad Jeff is always going to be doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. The last thing to be doing after a shower is sit there and play with the damned mobile phone. His towel is pulled off and he finds himself OTK and getting a paddling with the ping pong bat. The bat looks easy enough but as any recipient will tell you it stings like mad. One look at Jeffs face confirms that fact. A great clip for Jeff fans.

A Cadet in Trouble 2

Having been in trouble earlier in the day for lack of achievement in physical exercises cadet Cal is now in trouble for poor classwork. The officer has been waiting for him to appear, which is not good as that means the cadet is late and just makes matters worse. When he does appear he has a smirk on his face and makes a protest at being told off again. Makes no difference he is told to drop his trousers and underwear and assume the position over the desk. The officer then lays on the slim paddle hard and pretty fast. A lovely long paddling for our wayward cadet and a what a lovely result to see.

A Cadet in Trouble 1

Cadet Cal is in trouble for tardiness at physical training and faces the wrath of officer Craig. A good stiff over the knee spanking is whats needed and just what he gets. A few hard ones on the shorts then the rest on the bare ass, as bare as a jock strap anyway. The jock always frames a spanked ass well and the white straps help show off the colour of the guys butt. This should be a lesson to the cadet but, alas its not as we see on Saturday.

Water Mistake

Philip is trying to be nice and is bringing Ricky a drink. But he trips up and throws it all over him instead. Furious that he is soaked Ricky grabs Philip and drags him OTK and really lays into the lads ass. This is the hardest spanking Philip has had and his face shows it. Ricky is one angry guy and the glowing ass he spanks shows it.

Ricky Walloped

This clips shows just what happens to a lazy brat when they repeatedly ignire the rules. Ricky is bent over the couch and has his trackies pulled down and gets the strap laid on well. His ass colours up wonderfully, not matter how he wriggles it makes no difference the strap cracks down hard. This is the spanking that Ricky has been asking for for a long time and he is really getting it. But the unexpected happens and the hard spanking appears to excite him a lot and he cant help himself but jerk off as his ass glows red. An outstanding clip with Rickys pert little ass getting the treatment.