Terry is still a house guest and still has not learned to play by the rules. He sees that Cal has made a cup of tea and left it unattended and thinks its a great idea to add some salt to it. Cal is a great guy but does not take to this kind of playing around well. When he returns and takes a mouthful he spits it out instantly and is furious. He knows there is only one culprit and that is terry. He storms into the room and grabs the lad in a furious mood. Dragging the guilty party to the kitchen he throws him down over the table and starts to spank him. All the time he is asking Terry what sort of fool he is, does he think its big and clever to play such a silly game on him. Terry has no choice but to stay pinned to the table and feel his rear end getting warmer as he is spanked. Down come the trackies and his lovely round bum in tight white underwear gets the same spanking treatment. Then they come down and and that smooth butt is on view and spanked nicely by Cal. Finally Cal pulls the sore assed lad to the sideboard and shows him the tea and warns him vigorously not to do it again before chucking him out the room.

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