As always we have a busy apartment with guys coming and going and its hard to keep an eye on them all a lot of the time. cal is popping to the shop and leaves a new guest – Terry in the place alone. terry watches from the balcony to make sure Cal has actually gone to the shop and then starts to rummage through Cals room. The unexpected return of Cal catches Terry red handed in one of Cals drawers. When questioned he tries to lie his way out of it and uses his best dis-arming smile to try and act innocent. Not a good idea with Cal as he sees straight through it all and grabs the lad and gets him OTK. The shock on Terrys face is clear and as the fist swats fall on his shorts he realises that he has gone to far this time. Down come the shorts and a lovely little round butt is presented in tight white boxers. Cal spanks and reprimands the lad until he has worked up a sweat and stops for a moment to remove his Tshirt so he can better deal with the lad. Down come the white boxers and a perfectly smooth little bum with a nice spanking glow starting comes into view. Cal keeps up the stern telling off and the spanking until he is sure that he has made the point that you never touch anyone elses possessions when you are a guest in the house! He finishes the spanking and pulls the lad up by the ear and tells him one final warning, Terrys look back as he leaves the room speaks volumes on the lesson learned.

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