Behind the Scenes
This is an impromptu clip, so it is filmed on the go, so it is raw, rough and ready. There was a bit of a difference of opinion and some shouting. The cameraman grabbed the camera and came to see what was going on. He found Ricky pinned to the floor being spanked for answering back and being awkward. A real behind the scenes clip....
added: January 20, 2018
Ricky Cane and Belt
Something a little different for Ricky, as requested by BT in the USA. Ricky is tied to the wall restraints and waits for his spanking. First off is a set with the cane. This gives his ass some nice stripes and makes him hop around. Then the belt is bought in for that extra sting to the finish. Ricky is then released and as a thank you for his spanking he shakes hands. A really great clip with a great new position, and a challenge, for Ricky....
added: January 20, 2018
Crafty Mark
Mark is trying to be crafty and sneak out even though he is grounded. He thinks he is being quiet and peeks round the door to make sure he is alone. Little does he know that he is being watched from behind. As he reaches for the door a voice makes him jump and he is found out. Hanging his coat up he knows whats next and there and then he gets a spanking. Its what he deserves and what he gets....
added: January 18, 2018
Enough Attitude
Cal has had enough with Arthurs attitude and has scheduled a spanking. He calls the lad in to the room and gets him OTK. Cal lays it in well on the jeans for a few swats before he tells Arthur to drop his trousers and get back over his knee. The red briefs really show off the shape of Arthurs butt and Cal takes full advantage of the situation. Of course Cal is a fair man and he gives the lads bares ass a good spanking as well. The look on Arthurs face at the end says he might just have got the point....
added: January 16, 2018
Meet Leon
Leon said he was a tough lad and didnt want the usual introduction to our team, he wanted to jump in the deep end. So thats exactly what he got. It was decided, not by him, that the best way would be to paddle him, three paddles that is. The normal paddle, the slim paddle and the leather paddle. His butt looked so good in his white underwear that the first paddling was all on those. When they are pulled down to reveal his cute pert little ass it is clear that the paddled has warmed him up nicely. The slim paddle makes him draw a few sharp breaths and grimace and wonder if he made the right de...
added: January 13, 2018

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