Luke can't help it
Luke has been doing what lads do and has fallen asleep when he has finished. Blissful in his dozing he is quite happy with his handy work. As happens from time to time he is discovered in this state and and has a rude awakening, being told to kneel on the couch and feel the slim paddle on his ass. The paddle has two effects, one we expect the glow on his ass and the other is a surprise considering his previous condition, he starts to get hard again. Not just hard but rock hard until as his butt stings he blows a load again. Always good to see a lad get this excited at a spanking. But when this...
added: June 24, 2017
Lazy Eddy
Sat there looking at porn on his phone Eddy knows he should be doing chores around the place. He really does not care and it starting to get quite horny when he is caught out. Standing there he has his trousers pulled down, and his excitement bounces out, then Eddy is pulled OTK for a spanking as a lesson in sloth. Looking at his attitude at the end I am not sure he has learned anything. We will have to wait and see....
added: June 22, 2017
Luke Hard
Luke has overstepped the mark again and has to pay for it. But being in the early morning he has his mind on other things and no matter the telling off he is showing where his thoughts are dwelling, and that is revealed when he bounces out of his shorts and goes OTK. Even as he is spanked nothing seems to dampen his excitement and all the way through he sports a morning wood. Nice to see Luke enjoying himself, even if his face says there is a conflict going on between excitement and his butt being spanked....
added: June 20, 2017
Locker Room 2
After training Philip is a little tired but Cal is not impressed with his times, and add that to his tardiness with attendance and its not going to end well. A short lecture and its OTK and look at the floor time for our wayward athlete. Now while Cal thinks that Philip moving his legs around is a sign thatthe spanking is working it is in fact Philip trying to control his reactions. Of course it gives us some wonderful angles to admire Philip as he is spanked. The result is that Philip looses control and dumps a load, Cal is a bit slow to realise but is far from impressed when he sees whats ha...
added: June 17, 2017
Locker Room
Cal is being briefed on the status of students in the gym class and it appears that Philip has been late several times. Cal does not like tardiness and waits to talk to Philip. In strolls Philip, late again, and Cal is very angry. Philip is OTK in no time and getting a bare ass spanking very soon after than. It is good to see Cal in action again as a top although I dont think Philip feels the same way. Philip is left rubbing his ass and starting to get changed for training. Part 2 on Saturday so stay tuned......
added: June 15, 2017

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We have been making Male/Male spanking clips for over 10 years. With some of the most diverse and exciting spanking content to be found on anywhere on the net. We love to take tough cocky lads and make them face some discipline, many of them for the first time in their lives.  
Our lads getting spanked in these videos range from cute 18 year olds through to mature muscle toned twinks. You will see all kinds in our M/M spanking clips.
With a comprehensive archive of over 750 clips covering just about every conceivable spanking scene, domestic, institutional, military and many more. Offering dozens of tough twinks along with regular updates and members only clips, we offer super value membership for your enjoyment. We have a range of membership options to suit everyone.  The longer that you sign up for the cheaper the membership will cost.

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Ricky shock

This is a request clip for HH. Ricky strips off and lays down, the pillows and blankets raising his butt to the perfect spanking position. He has a super butt at the best of times but raised up like this it is just wonderful. From the start you can see that Ricky appears to be in a strange mood. He is not his usual confident self. The paddle makes it’s self felt, and produces a lovely colour. The look on Ricky’s face says it all and is the ideal compliment to the redness of his ass. But for the first time it is all a bit too much for him and he starts to sob a little. A comforting hug is what he needs.

Meet Eddy

Eddy has been hanging around for a while. He is curious and wants to experience a spanking but he is also a little worried. He has never been spanked in his life and he was more than a little worried. Not a very big lad he has a tough looking appearance hiding the need for a little domination. He gets OTK, with a slight hesitation and realises it is for real. Knowing that he wants to go further the spanking had to hit the right spot, no pun intended, and allow him to want to come back and go further. He has a super little butt and he tries hard to be stoic. A good debut for Eddy.

He Needs the Brush

One of the Mik in trouble series and this time he is called to go OTK and get the brush. A quick check of the brush and Mik is called in and told to drop his trousers and underwear and get a good set with the brush. The spanking bloom that the brush brings out is always great to see and the camera angles in this clips catch it perfectly. A super brush spanking.

Philip Never Learns

This clip is by overwhelming request. Here we see Philip in front of the head again, in his summer shorts, for being unruly. There is only one course of action and that is to paddle the lad. The slim paddle is used first on his shorts then the underwear, the redness peeping round the edges. Then on the bare ass. Of course this is difficult for Philip and he has no control over what happens, it just happens when he is spanked, a natural reaction he says. A classic over the desk paddling for this popular lad.

He needs the Belt

Mik is in trouble as usual and he is called to go OTK and get the belt. The opening with dad getting ready is a good tension builder and the spanking that follows makes Miks butt glow well. Its been a while since we saw Mik and he deserves the spanking he gets, as all lads do of course. Using the belt OTK is a different sensation to the one standing or bending over. There is a different power in the strokes, as Miks finds out. The result is a great spanking.

He deserves it

Knowing what’s to come Ricky drops his trousers and underwear and bends over the chair ready. He is not disappointed, if thats the right word, as the strap cracks down on his ass bringing up so lovely red welts. Ricky takes it well and its a surprise he does not cry out when you look at the stripes on his butt. But like a lot of naughty lads he knows he had it coming so its only right he takes it like a man.

Not a good attitude

Cal was supposed to leave after his OTK the other day, but he was so unhappy that he was spanked after his absence that he kicks the chair in a moment of pique. Of course this is heard and he finds himself hands on the wall getting the small paddle laid on his muscular ass. Good to see Cal getting what he needs again and he has a great ass for spanking. The deep colour is good to see as it tells us the paddle is really making its mark.

Cal Calls In

It’s been a while since we saw Cal and he had no reasonable excuse for not showing up or sending a text message. So he is told to strip off and present himself for an OTK spanking to remind him to stay in touch. In his jock strap, Cal looks great and it frames his ass perfectly. His hard muscular butt is a joy to spank although I am sure he does not feel the same way. But this is just a warm up to what follows on Saturday.

Harry Paddled

This position for Harry is a request that has been outstanding for a while. Naughty impish Harry is in trouble again and this time he is dragged over the knee so fast he ends up legs spread and ass presented really well. The small leather paddle really stings and it makes Harry wince at every swat. Some classic angles and some lovely views of Harry as he is paddled.

Just what the Doctor ordered

This clip has been requested and scripted by Dr van Spanking. I think he has managed to capture just about all the requests we have had for Philip. Berated for his attitude the strap is laid on his trousers as he bends over the desk. But this is a warm up for a nice OTK session both on the underwear and the bare ass. Philip is told to put on the punishment shorts, these he has to keep on all day so everyone knows he has been spanked, and then finds himself standing facing the wall, hands on head and left to contemplate the error of his ways. The final humiliation is that he has to bend over the desk again and this time get six of the best. This seems to have dampened his ardor and he looks very sheepish as he leaves the room. A wonderful story line and a big thank you to Dr van Spanking for a classic clip with Philip.

Twelve for Philip

The amount of requests we have had for Philip to get the cane has been staggering. We had already made this clip where he gets the riding crop which was planned for a few weeks time. But we decided to release it now. Philip is in front of the head again and this time he is going to get 12 strokes of the riding crop on the trousers, 12 on the underwear and 12 on the bare ass. A classic formal spanking and the stripes on the lads ass are lovely. Thank you everyone for all the requests for Philip, we will try and work through the growing list for you.

Harry Hoisted

Harry is marched into the room and has his underwear pulled down before he finds himself hoisted up OTK. Legs dangling and face down his furry little bum is now a perfect target. The plus is that, as he struggles to keep his balance, it keeps his butt muscles tight and it adds that special something to the spanking. Harry wants to kick his legs but can’t and his efforts to stay in place are so good. A super clip with Harry presented well.

Luke A Surprise

Luke is a lad with attitude and he always looks surly and willful. He is one of those lads who needs a regular spanking to keep him in line. However, this time he has a surprise in store and I have to wonder if the lads are all in collusion or is there something in the water. After kicking the chair and showing his usual self after his last spanking, Luke is now hands on the wall and getting the ping pong bat laid on his small hard ass. The way he looks directly into camera, you know, he has something else to offer and he does not disappoint. He gets harder and harder as he is spanked until he dumps his load unaided as his ass is spanked. These lads, Philip, Ricky and Luke all seem to be getting something special out of being spanked. Luke ends up with a hot red bum and a wry smile on his face, even though he is told he has to clean up the mess.

Philip in Trouble

This clip is based on a request from RJ in Australia. Philip is front of the head for being a lazy student. He looks a little brow beaten and knows things are not going to end well, Which is not quite true as he knows it is going to be his end, rear end, that things look bleak for. Philip is told to remove his trousers and kneel on the desk, this presents his butt at just the right height. The paddle lays on a few whacks and then his white underwear is pulled down. Now we know that Philip has no control over his reactions to being spanked and it is clear that this scene has hit all the right buttons for him. The strain on his face is so good, he is trying his best not to blow his load while being paddled, but no good he is soon having an orgasm and dumping it all over the desk. Philip said afterwards that its not his fault, he gets spanked and his dick gets hard then its all over, it just happens and there’s nothing he can do, or wants to do, to stop it. The result is a nicely paddled bum and a drained spankee, can’t get much better than this, surely.

Jeff Paddled

This is a requested clip for TF in Canada. It’s a wonder that lads never understand that actions, or lack or them, have consequences. Jeff is no exception here, he has been spanked and told to get on with things but chooses to ignore everything and play with his phone, absolutely nothing learned. So while he looks surprised and unhappy at being caught lazing around, it really should be no shock at all. Jeff then gets a good paddling while he kneels on the couch, his cute little butt gets that lovely spanking bloom. There are some lovely camera angles as well that capture all the action from his pained face to his reddened butt.

Horny Harry

When I say horny I actually mean he is spanked with a long shoe horn rather than anything else. Kneeling on the couch he presents his furry little bum nicely for his spanking. Always a vocal lad, he yelps nicely as the shoe horn whacks down time after time. The camera pans round to show his face as he winces and tries to look like it is nothing really. A super little lad with a cute furry bum Harry always gives his best in clips.

Must be spring

Rick is still laying around doing nothing and he even manages to look really surly when confronted. This ends with him kneeling on the couch and getting his ass strapped. As the strap make sits mark it appears that Ricky is getting exited, which is why I say must be spring, when a young mans fancy turns to …well all sorts of things. His dick is standing pole upright as his ass tingles for the spanking. Then without any warning he reaches a climax and the spanking seems to have taken Ricky to the next level. It is so intense that he has to momentarily grab a hold of himself. This is a first for Ricky and I am not sure who is the more surprised. What he didnt expect was to be told to clean up the mess afterwards, a small price to pay. A super clip with sexy Ricky and a side of him we have never seen before.

Tristram Paddled

Tristram is told to strip off and kneel on the couch ready for a paddling. He does that but leaves on his boxers and realises they have to come off in readiness. The paddle appears and the perfectly presented butt gets a taste of it. Legs slightly apart with everything on view, and I do mean everything, Tristram has an ass that was made for a paddling. The end result is one very sheepish Tristram, a paddling always works wonders.

Luke gets it

Luke had to be paddled the other day. He is a cheeky lad who tries to act tough and better than anyone else. This is why he finds himself bent over a chair with his cute little butt getting a paddling. It is always nice to compare paddle dances between lads and while Ricky is a master Luke has some really nice moves as well. The red paddles lines are of course a wonder sight on any wayward lads behind.

Cheeky Philip

Philip is told to strip and lay on the couch ready to get his spanking. The first thing to notice is that he is not in his usual priapic state as get undresses. He is, however, in quite a cheeky moody and his wry smiles to the camera are endearing. The strap is laid on and Philips face starts to reveal dual feelings, pleasure and pain. After a few minutes it is possible to catch a glimpse of his obvious excitement as he moves around. Maybe it was a mistake to make him lay down on the couch as this only aids his pleasure and it is no surprise that he rubs himself off as he is spanked. When it is discovered he has a cheeky smile, this is dealt with by being pinned down and more from the strap.

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