Harry Paddled
This position for Harry is a request that has been outstanding for a while. Naughty impish Harry is in trouble again and this time he is dragged over the knee so fast he ends up legs spread and ass presented really well. The small leather paddle really stings and it makes Harry wince at every swat. Some classic angles and some lovely views of Harry as he is paddled....
added: April 25, 2017
Just what the Doctor ordered
This clip has been requested and scripted by Dr van Spanking. I think he has managed to capture just about all the requests we have had for Philip. Berated for his attitude the strap is laid on his trousers as he bends over the desk. But this is a warm up for a nice OTK session both on the underwear and the bare ass. Philip is told to put on the punishment shorts, these he has to keep on all day so everyone knows he has been spanked, and then finds himself standing facing the wall, hands on head and left to contemplate the error of his ways. The final humiliation is that he has to bend over th...
added: April 22, 2017
Twelve for Philip
The amount of requests we have had for Philip to get the cane has been staggering. We had already made this clip where he gets the riding crop which was planned for a few weeks time. But we decided to release it now. Philip is in front of the head again and this time he is going to get 12 strokes of the riding crop on the trousers, 12 on the underwear and 12 on the bare ass. A classic formal spanking and the stripes on the lads ass are lovely. Thank you everyone for all the requests for Philip, we will try and work through the growing list for you....
added: April 20, 2017
Harry Hoisted
Harry is marched into the room and has his underwear pulled down before he finds himself hoisted up OTK. Legs dangling and face down his furry little bum is now a perfect target. The plus is that, as he struggles to keep his balance, it keeps his butt muscles tight and it adds that special something to the spanking. Harry wants to kick his legs but can't and his efforts to stay in place are so good. A super clip with Harry presented well....
added: April 18, 2017
Luke A Surprise
Luke is a lad with attitude and he always looks surly and willful. He is one of those lads who needs a regular spanking to keep him in line. However, this time he has a surprise in store and I have to wonder if the lads are all in collusion or is there something in the water. After kicking the chair and showing his usual self after his last spanking, Luke is now hands on the wall and getting the ping pong bat laid on his small hard ass. The way he looks directly into camera, you know, he has something else to offer and he does not disappoint. He gets harder and harder as he is spanked until he...
added: April 16, 2017

Welcome to British Boys Fetish Club!

We have been making Male/Male spanking clips for over 10 years. With some of the most diverse and exciting spanking content to be found on anywhere on the net. We love to take tough cocky lads and make them face some discipline, many of them for the first time in their lives.  
Our lads getting spanked in these videos range from cute 18 year olds through to mature muscle toned twinks. You will see all kinds in our M/M spanking clips.
With a comprehensive archive of over 750 clips covering just about every conceivable spanking scene, domestic, institutional, military and many more. Offering dozens of tough twinks along with regular updates and members only clips, we offer super value membership for your enjoyment. We have a range of membership options to suit everyone.  The longer that you sign up for the cheaper the membership will cost.

Recent Updates

More Updates By Date Added

Philip One Better

Things start out on his boxers, pulled tight by his priapic nature. This is a lad who gets something extra out of being dominated and spanked. A nice opening with a good strapping on his boxers. His shorts pulled down revealing his usual state of excitement. His lovely shaped smooth butt is already nicely red. The strap cracks onto his ass and in a matter of seconds Philip cannot stop himself from having an orgasm. Deciding to test his limits the spanking continues. Philips recovery time is quite impressive and its not long before he is rock hard again. The spanking is continuous and pretty soon he is in the zone. This second orgasm is huge and his load copious. The look on his face shows he is in a special place that he really enjoys. That wonderful mix between pleasure and pain. Spanked until he cums twice, and all in around 10 minutes shows that Philip has that something extra in a spankee.

Milo In Place

Milo is known for squirming and struggling so this time he is not going to be allowed to even think about it. He is OTK and held firmly in place. It doesnt stop him from moaning but it does make him think twice about moving around. It handy that naughty boys come with restraining handle or two.

A Stiff OTK

Philip has been warned and not he is for it. He has his trackies pulled down, a dangerous thing with this priapic lad as his tool bounces out wildly. A good OTK for him and he remains hard all the way through. Of course if he messes up again he is for a more serious spanking. Watch out later this week for something outstanding from Philip.

Whimpering Milo

Milo is due for a paddling and he knows he has messed up, as usual. But just listen to the whimpering and wailing, he sounds like he thinks he is hard done by. Well these lads have to learn that there is a price to pay and Milo is definitely getting his lesson the best way possible. Kneeling with his ass up and presently nicely he gets the paddling he needs.

Ricky’s Dance

Looking somewhat reluctant Ricky is bent over a chair and given the slim paddle. Despite its looks and size this really stings and that makes him hop around. The way he looks back over his shoulder waiting for the next stroke is always lovely with Ricky. The added benefit of making him jump about is not only a lovely red smooth little ass but his junk waving wildly. A spanking dance and a classic Ricky clip

Bend Over Lad

A naked Tristram is led into the room and told to bend over. He then gets the strap on his smooth cute little ass. The look on his face as he bent over as the strap falls is priceless. Fully exposed and vulnerable Tristram really feels this spanking on many levels. The final flourish really makes the point well. A nice welcome back for Tristram.

A mess at a price

Ricky has left the bathroom in a mess and is now laying on the bed playing with this phone. There is a shout and a whack on the ass with the strap and he suddenly finds out that he has made a mistake. The towel is ripped down and his bare ass gets a strapping. Pinned down by a hand in the small of his back Ricky takes what he has coming. He squirms and tries to wriggle but it is no good his ass has to pay. The final twist is he has to clean up the bathroom as well.

Marco Strapped

Having been told to stand and wait Marco should know that anything else means he is in trouble. Flipping the bird is about the last thing anyone should do in this situation. So he is in trouble on two counts. He finds himself kneeling with his ass well presented and getting the strap. He is a fair skinned guy so there are soon some lovely red strap marks showing. I wonder if he has learned anything from all this.

David Request

A requested clip. He goes OTK but ends up tucked under one arm and he legs wide open, junk dangling down. The small paddle cracks onto his ass and Davids face is a picture. After a few swats he reaches down and grabs hold of his stuff and starts to pleasure himself as his ass gets the treatment. Some great angles and shots of Davids spanking capturing his dilemma of pleasure and pain.

Harry Knows Better

Harry is watching porn in the salon and he knows better than to to do that, but of course it does not stop him. he has just dropped his trousers and settled down when he is caught in the act. He finds himself kneeling on the chair and getting his cute furry little bum spanked. Harry is a super contrast to all the smooth guys out there. He gets his spanking and looks very sheepish at the end as he is marched out the room.

Lazy Jeff Part 2

Having been told to get up and get on with things the last thing Jeff has made a bad choice in just laying there rubbing his ass and feeling sorry for himself. So the best way to address this is to get him OTK and lay into his ass with the brush, always a great reality bringer to wayward guys. Jeff has a super little smooth ass and the brush really brings out the best in it. Lets wait and see if Jeff has learned his lesson.

Meet Marco

Marco has to be keen, he has driven a long way to get here for his first session. He is from the mountains in the far south and is a farmers boy, tough and strong, a finger crusher of a handshake. So we start him off OTK to see what he makes of it all. He has a super smooth ass that colours up well as he is spanked. He is left with orders not to move at the end of clip, will he do as he is told or not, watch this space for more with Marco

Lazy Jeff

Taking a nap is not the right thing to do when there is a list of things to do but Jeff has chosen the wrong path. He is woken up with a crack across the ass from the strap. A few swats and he is told to drop his trousers, which he does reluctantly, and he gets more on the underwear, his yelps and protests say he is well a wake now. Once his underwear are pulled down his ass is already red but that doesnt stop him getting more. Jeff is biting the pillow and thrashing around as he takes what he deserves. A great clip with pert assed Jeff.

Phillip Caught

For a change we see Philip relaxing and being himself, by that I mean we see him settle down for an afternoon jerk. Must make a change for him as well not to blow his load while being spanked, although I am sure he enjoys that a lot more. So he plays with himself and then falls asleep, where he is found in a state of bliss. He is woken up by being dragged by the ear OTK and feeling the small paddle crack down on his ass. Thats wakes him up for sure. Then the pace changes and he gets a hand spanking for a while before the paddle makes a come back. Nice to see the other side of Philip.

Ricky Caught

This clip is in two versions. This is the shortened one with less time spent jerking. Ricky has spent his time jerking off and generally being lazy. He is just about to put on his dirty socks again when he is caught out and finds himself ass up OTK. In classic Ricky style he looks back as he gets spanked, I am never sure why he does it as he knows what is going on at the other end. Once soundly spanked he is marched from the room.

Planking Spanking

So after all the warning David finally over steps the mark, and does it with the wrong person completely, Cal. Trying to steal some cash from Cals wallet is about as bad as it gets and Cal sets out to teach David a lesson he wont forget in a hurry. Getting a chair he sets it up so the lad has to plank between it and and the couch, Cal then straps his ass hard. This presents Davids ass perfectly for a spanking and places the lad under a good deal of stress. Even when the boys arms give out and he slumps down cal is demanding and relentless making him adopt the position again. A great punishment clip.

David That’s Final

This is the final time David is told anything, from now on it is serious. This time he gets spanked with the small paddle OTK, in tighy whiteys and then the bare ass. Some stunning angles of this lads perfect little butt in this clip, a cracker in many ways. Of course you already know that this does not work and Saturday David pays a high price.

David a warning

David gets a warning spanking with the slim paddle. He has not been on his best behaviour and this seems to be a good way to lay down a few rules. But as we know these boys never learn. So even though his ass is a picture after this spanking he is bound to mess up again. And mess up he does. But you will have to wait until Saturday to see how badly and what a high price he pays.

A Philip Special

Well Philip has made a big impact on everyone, we have had so many emails about him. It seems that a lot of guys think his end in “Philip Paddled to the End” was a fluke, so here is an outstanding clip to prove otherwise. Starting off dropping his trousers for an OTK it is clear that priapic Philip is living up to his name. Then follow a series of spankings with the small wooden paddle, the leather paddle and the ping pong bat. All of which do nothing to dampen his ardor, in fact they seem to make him even more excited. So to the finale, Philip is suspend naked and the strap is bought out to do its stuff. It is just a matter of time before the lad cannot hold himself back any more and he blows his load in spectacular style as the strap whacks his ass. So this proves that he does not need to be OTK in order to fully enjoy his spankings, and Philip is a lad who clearly loves being spanked. A clip to remember and a stunning performance from ever ready Philip.

Phillip Paddled

For all the requests to see Philip paddled here it is. Just a taster from Philip here, he takes it well and his ass gets a nice bloom as the small paddle cracks down. This is the lull before the storm, in his next clip Philip excells himself.

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