Coach Cal 4
Mark is just about to have a shower when coach comes in and bawls him out for being slow in his training. Coach Cal is not a man to let down and he gets Mark OTK and teaches him a lesson in giving 100% all the time. His black shorts give a great shape to his butt which is shown off even better once they are pulled down and his tighty whities are revealed. Mark has a splendid butt and no matter what he wears it looks perfect for spanking. Of course his bare ass is not left out and all in all Mark gets a lesson he should remember....
added: February 20, 2018
Ricky up to mischief
A quiet afternoon relaxing, well thats what was planned and it looks for once if Ricky is behaving himself. When he is asked to make a cup of tea he does so without any problem. When he sits down again he is smirking and trying not to laugh, he is definitely hiding something. The first sip of the tea reveals why Ricky is giggling, he put salt in it instead of sugar. In a flash it is decided that the fitting punishment for mischief in the kitchen is to fetch the large wooden spoon from same and apply it to Rickys butt. He gets some good strokes on his trackies, his red underwear and his bare as...
added: February 17, 2018
Coach Cal 3
Coach seems to have some difficult students to deal with. Now it appears that Mark is also late, which is never the best way to start a training session. But coach is prepared and has a paddle ready and Mark finds himself OTK without much ado. Trackies are soon down and his tight black underwear off little comfort from the paddling. His bare ass gets paddled and the look on Coachs face is stern and unrelenting. Mark is left rubbing his butt wondering if he will measure up in his training....
added: February 16, 2018
A blue day
Philip in his pale blue boxers look sweet and innocent, far from the truth as he is a mischievous lad and always up to no good. Thats why as he relaxes he finds himself getting the belt for being lazy. He is laying down and thats a prime position for a belting, nowhere to hide and the belt finds its mark every time. When he stands up at the end his face says that the belt made an impression on him....
added: February 14, 2018
wash your mouth out
Ricky is asked to a simple task but he is in a surly mood and relies with an expletive. Rather than just grab a hold of him and spank him there is a pause as a bar of soap is found and shoved in his mouth. He struggles of course but the soap is rammed home and then he gets a good spanking. A great combination of spanking and humiliation, which Ricky realizes too late to save him. He does spit out the soap towards the end but it is retrieved and shoved back in his mouth. A classic soaping clip with sexy Ricky....
added: February 12, 2018

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