If you go down to the forest
If you go down to the forest you are in for a big surprise, well Philip was anyway. What better on a sunny day than spank and cute guy outdoors. Philips ass in the dappled sunlight of the forest looks even better than usual. His edginess at being caught by passers by adds to the scene. A great summer open air belting for Philip....
added: July 20, 2017
David a paddling
David strips naked and adopts the position and the paddle appears. This makes him buck nicely and the bloom on his ass is lovely to see as it grows. David has a butt just made for spanking, small and pert, and it always looks better with some colour on it. The paddle is a great way to add that colour, although David might feel differently about things....
added: July 18, 2017
Locker room thief
Feeling unhappy at his last spanking Milo decides, foolishly, to see if anyone has left anything worth stealing in their clothes in the locker room. He is so occupied he doesn't hear two lads come in and they catch him in the act. He tries to deny it but they are angry and a scuffle breaks out. The noise attracts the attention of Coach Craig and once he has heard the facts he tells the two lads to pin down and stretch out Milo on the bench while he fetches his belt. Furious that someone has betrayed his trust Coach really lays the belt on hard and the yelping Milo is in a world of hurt. His as...
added: July 15, 2017
David Late
Late home from College David is told to drop his trousers and adopt the position ready for a taste of the belt. This starts off with some nice swats on his tight white underwear before revealing his bare ass and getting more strokes of the belt. The look on Davids face is priceless and it looks like the message is getting through....
added: July 13, 2017
Coach is not happy
Milo is met by a very angry coach when he gets to the locker room. He is late for training and that is not allowed. He finds himself roughly pulled OTK and a few hard swats on his short trousers. Thats not for long though as he is told to drop them and his underwear and get back OTK. Coach Craig lands his hand spanking hard and fast and Milos bouncing ass is matched only by his yelps and pleas. A great clip with Craig back in action....
added: July 11, 2017

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We have been making Male/Male spanking clips for over 10 years. With some of the most diverse and exciting spanking content to be found on anywhere on the net. We love to take tough cocky lads and make them face some discipline, many of them for the first time in their lives.  
Our lads getting spanked in these videos range from cute 18 year olds through to mature muscle toned twinks. You will see all kinds in our M/M spanking clips.
With a comprehensive archive of over 750 clips covering just about every conceivable spanking scene, domestic, institutional, military and many more. Offering dozens of tough twinks along with regular updates and members only clips, we offer super value membership for your enjoyment. We have a range of membership options to suit everyone.  The longer that you sign up for the cheaper the membership will cost.

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Jeff Quickie

A small clip of Jeff OTK as he always needs a spanking. Jeff has a lovely butt to see OTK, the shape of it cries out for a spanking. He also seems to have caught looking back over his shoulder from Ricky. Like he expects something else to happen other than getting spanked. A nice little clip with Jeff.

Good Exercise

Ricky is doing pull ups and playing around he gradually stripping off as he does them. he ends up in what has to be the most revealing position, his feet gripping the bar and swinging gently. Not only does this show how fit he is but it presents him perfectly for a paddling with the ping pong bat. Suddenly Ricky realizes the mistake he has made but its too late as the bat cracks on his ass. You have to admire his stamina staying in this position as well as admire everything thats on show.

Jeff unwise move

Jeff needs cash and rather than ask for it he decides to help himself. Caught red handed he has to drop his trousers and underwear and kneel on the sofa while his punishment is collected. For this serious breach of the rules he is going to get a good lesson. First he gets a set with the brush, which makes him yelp. Then a set with the ping pong bat which always works. Then a set with the small paddle and finally with the strap. As his bum gets ever redder the lesson is learned the hard way. A super clip with something for everyone.

Get out of that

Ricky is kneeling on the couch unaware that he is going to be held in place by the balls. and spanked. Once his bits are firmly grasped he has to look back in that cute way he does, to check that it is really happening. This is a great way to keep total control over your spankee, they cant wriggle or try to escape. His ass is going red and he is trapped on the spot. Once he is let go he lunges forward to rub himself, shows how effective this hold is.

Morning Glory

You would have thought that Philip would have be a wise lad and got out of bed after his wake up spanking the other day. But no, he has snuggled down and gone back to sleep. This time he has no choice but to get out of bed as he is dragged by the ear OTK, morning glory in full view, and spanked for being lazy. This is playing with fire as Philip has little or no control over his reactions to spanking at the best of times. A combination of morning wood and a spanking is too much for him and as his ass gets a colour on it he gets more excited. The result is a well spanked Philip and a mess on the floor.

Wake up Philip

Lazing in bed all day is something that Philip enjoys and something he is not supposed to do. He is really enjoying his sleep when he gets a rude awakening, the covers are pulled back and the brush cracks down on his ass. He swears and that makes it worse. His muscly little bum gets a good set with the brush and Philips face shows he is now well and truly awake.

Ricky Maintenance

One thing Ricky needs is a regular spanking to keep him in line. That and he has a lovely little bum for spanking which is always a good reason. He presents his rear nicely as he leans on the sideboard and the small paddle cracks nicely on the firm buttocks. Ricky has always been an animated spankee rather than a vocal one and this is no different as he jumps at every swat. This, of course, means that everything is swinging free wildly at every stroke. A classic paddling with Ricky.

Eddy Paddled

When we last saw Eddy he was thinking about the spanking he had just had. The penny drops and he decides he is not happy and starts to cus and swear loudly. This is over heard and in a flash he is back OTK getting his ass paddled with the ping pong bat. Being a smaller guy he has a pert little bum that has a lovely shape and once it has a colour on it it looks even better. His bum glowing Eddy now has something to think about, until next time and I am sure there will be a next time.

Philip OTK

A request clip. Philip gets the ping pong bat OTK on his trackies, his light blue underwear and the bare ass. The effect of the bat on his butt by the time his underwear is pulled down is clear, nice and red. The sight of the taut light blue underwear is wonderful for definition and a nice contrast with the redness peeping around the edges, no wonder he is rubbing at the end and looking unhappy.


The look on Miks face during this clip says it all. A good hard paddling for a consistently naughty brat. Does he deserve it, you bet he does. Does he get it hard, you see he does. This is a great clip with some super angles of Mik getting what he needs. A tough lad but this spanking tests him and thats always good to see. All the requests to see Mik get a good paddling are answered here.

Ricky shock

This is a request clip for HH. Ricky strips off and lays down, the pillows and blankets raising his butt to the perfect spanking position. He has a super butt at the best of times but raised up like this it is just wonderful. From the start you can see that Ricky appears to be in a strange mood. He is not his usual confident self. The paddle makes it’s self felt, and produces a lovely colour. The look on Ricky’s face says it all and is the ideal compliment to the redness of his ass. But for the first time it is all a bit too much for him and he starts to sob a little. A comforting hug is what he needs.

Meet Eddy

Eddy has been hanging around for a while. He is curious and wants to experience a spanking but he is also a little worried. He has never been spanked in his life and he was more than a little worried. Not a very big lad he has a tough looking appearance hiding the need for a little domination. He gets OTK, with a slight hesitation and realises it is for real. Knowing that he wants to go further the spanking had to hit the right spot, no pun intended, and allow him to want to come back and go further. He has a super little butt and he tries hard to be stoic. A good debut for Eddy.

He Needs the Brush

One of the Mik in trouble series and this time he is called to go OTK and get the brush. A quick check of the brush and Mik is called in and told to drop his trousers and underwear and get a good set with the brush. The spanking bloom that the brush brings out is always great to see and the camera angles in this clips catch it perfectly. A super brush spanking.

Philip Never Learns

This clip is by overwhelming request. Here we see Philip in front of the head again, in his summer shorts, for being unruly. There is only one course of action and that is to paddle the lad. The slim paddle is used first on his shorts then the underwear, the redness peeping round the edges. Then on the bare ass. Of course this is difficult for Philip and he has no control over what happens, it just happens when he is spanked, a natural reaction he says. A classic over the desk paddling for this popular lad.

He needs the Belt

Mik is in trouble as usual and he is called to go OTK and get the belt. The opening with dad getting ready is a good tension builder and the spanking that follows makes Miks butt glow well. Its been a while since we saw Mik and he deserves the spanking he gets, as all lads do of course. Using the belt OTK is a different sensation to the one standing or bending over. There is a different power in the strokes, as Miks finds out. The result is a great spanking.

He deserves it

Knowing what’s to come Ricky drops his trousers and underwear and bends over the chair ready. He is not disappointed, if thats the right word, as the strap cracks down on his ass bringing up so lovely red welts. Ricky takes it well and its a surprise he does not cry out when you look at the stripes on his butt. But like a lot of naughty lads he knows he had it coming so its only right he takes it like a man.

Not a good attitude

Cal was supposed to leave after his OTK the other day, but he was so unhappy that he was spanked after his absence that he kicks the chair in a moment of pique. Of course this is heard and he finds himself hands on the wall getting the small paddle laid on his muscular ass. Good to see Cal getting what he needs again and he has a great ass for spanking. The deep colour is good to see as it tells us the paddle is really making its mark.

Cal Calls In

It’s been a while since we saw Cal and he had no reasonable excuse for not showing up or sending a text message. So he is told to strip off and present himself for an OTK spanking to remind him to stay in touch. In his jock strap, Cal looks great and it frames his ass perfectly. His hard muscular butt is a joy to spank although I am sure he does not feel the same way. But this is just a warm up to what follows on Saturday.

Harry Paddled

This position for Harry is a request that has been outstanding for a while. Naughty impish Harry is in trouble again and this time he is dragged over the knee so fast he ends up legs spread and ass presented really well. The small leather paddle really stings and it makes Harry wince at every swat. Some classic angles and some lovely views of Harry as he is paddled.

Just what the Doctor ordered

This clip has been requested and scripted by Dr van Spanking. I think he has managed to capture just about all the requests we have had for Philip. Berated for his attitude the strap is laid on his trousers as he bends over the desk. But this is a warm up for a nice OTK session both on the underwear and the bare ass. Philip is told to put on the punishment shorts, these he has to keep on all day so everyone knows he has been spanked, and then finds himself standing facing the wall, hands on head and left to contemplate the error of his ways. The final humiliation is that he has to bend over the desk again and this time get six of the best. This seems to have dampened his ardor and he looks very sheepish as he leaves the room. A wonderful story line and a big thank you to Dr van Spanking for a classic clip with Philip.

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