Craig is house sitting while Tony is away and lo and behold Sam the houseboy is taking it easy. While the cats away the mouse will play or in this case lay around and do nothing. But he does not know Craig and misjudges the situation completely. Craig walks in the room and catches him laying down reading a mag, of course he shoots upright and tries to look like he has just sat down but Craig is not fooled. Pulling the lad OTK he spanks the lazy houseboy until he starts to glow, sam of course switches into pleading mode and moans and begs and pleads as always. But Craig wants to make the point hit home so he turns Sam over and gets him head over heels and spanks his upturned ass while looking into his face, and the odd glance at the lads tempting tight little pucker hole. A final warning to get on and do his work and Sam is left on the floor rubbing his sore ass feeling quite humiliated after going ass up.

preview for update named Clumsy Sampreview for update named Tarmo