Craig is trying to make a call as he pauses in the forest when the naughty Mik spots him. He hides in the bushes and starts to throw small cones at him. Ducking and hidinf he carries on until he is spotted and Craig chases him and catches him, never think that just because you are younger that you can escape a spanking. Stood against a tree Mik gets a spanking on his jeans before they are pulled down and his bare ass gets some as well. But Mik is not happy with this and in a short burst of struggles breaks free and runs off with his trousers round his knees, trying to pull them up as he runs. Craig is after him in a flash and soon has the lad under his control again. This time Mik is made to collect some nettles and has his already sore bum spanked with those, they are brushed across his buns as well to add that little extra ouch. Just as his bum is getting really hot Craig gives him a last few hard with the hand to finish off the lesson in not teasing him when he is on the phone.

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