It is not the first time that a lad has done a selfie but this time it was done some time ago secretly and only came to light the other day…..Back in the summer Eric was left at the apartment when we went off for a meeting. He set up the cameras and recorded himself spanking himself with hand and belt and finally jerking off. He then popped it onto his laptop and deleted the files from the cameras….We knew nothing of all this until he came round on the scrounge the other day. he told us what he had done and showed us, so it was a must buy and here it is, edited just a little. …Eric starts by spanking himself on the jeans and its obvious that it makes him horny from the very start. Then he spanks himself on the boxers, grabbing his hard dick as he does so…. The boxers are off and he is spanking his bare ass…He has also been using a belt on himself – his cock getting bigger and harder all the time until he has to grab it and shoot a good hot load….He cannot explain why he did it but says it was hot and fun to make. We will have to punish him thoroughly later for this act of naughtiness

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