An Attitude

Mark strolls in and throws the mail down, he is just out the shower and not really dressed for such an attitude. It is easy to guess what happens next, although this did not cross his mind when [...]

Meet Connor

Connor is a member of a running club. He is well built and toned. Spanked on jeans first to wake him up. Then he is spanked on the white underwear which really show off his runners butt well. [...]

Cal pays a bill

Cal is in trouble over his phone bill. He is reminded that the bill should be the same as his number. He is OTK in a flash and gets so good swats on his jeans, but this is nowhere near enough for [...]

Philip The Bathroom

Cal goes mad when he sees the state the bathroom has been left in by Philip, it is a mess for sure and there can be no excuses. He storms in on shouting at Philip, who looks shocked, and grabs [...]

Ricky Boxers

Ricky has been due a spanking and he knows it, the sullen look on his face tells its own story. He drops his trousers and goes OTK. The small wooden paddle cracks down nicely on his firm butt [...]

Something different

Philip has been reading the emails and requests for more underwear spanking. He decided to try and help out, but not in the best way. He has been out helping himself to underwear in various shops [...]

Big Mistake

Luke is chilling playing with phone, like all lads do these days, and he decides as he is alone he will have a smoke as well. This is far from being the best idea he has ever had. Casually [...]

Ricky Briefly

A requested clip to see Ricky spanked on jeans and white briefs. I have to admit that his ass looks great in jeans . He gets some good swats on the light coloured jeans before he is told to drop [...]

Sleepy Sunday

A coffee in bed as an early morning wake up is a nice gesture. But lazy little Conrad just grunts and rolls over and goes back to sleep. He gets a second wake up call but this time it is with the [...]

Luke paddled twice

Luke is a lazy lad at the best of times and more than a little cheeky, his impish smile hides his bad attitude. So he is asked to do the ironing as his chore for the day. No sooner left alone and [...]

Clean up

Having been told to tidy up the locker room Mark decided to ignore the request and leave it. Seeing that the mess is still there results in Mark being marched back in and shown the difference [...]

Ricky loose

When I say loose I mean loose boxers, which a lad of his size should not wear for what are obvious reasons. The strap cracking down on his ass as he kneels on the couch make his assets wave [...]

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