Luke is a lazy lad at the best of times and more than a little cheeky, his impish smile hides his bad attitude. So he is asked to do the ironing as his chore for the day. No sooner left alone and he simply ignores the request. This leads to a good OTK session with the ping pong bat. A great little butt for spanking. Deciding that maybe ironing is not the thing for him Luke is told to get on with his studies, taken to the desk by the ear with his trousers and underwear still down. Again no sooner left alone to study and he is logging into porn and playing with himself. No doubt the price of leaving his underwear and trousers down, a temptation too much. Caught at it he is then paddled with the slim paddle standing, hands on the wall by the desk. He must have been caught at the right moment as he remains hard while being spanked and finally shoots a load over the desk. A super clip with Luke who we have not seen for a long time.