Cal naked

Cal wakes up and without a care in the world wanders into the kitchen naked. He is asked politely not to walk around the house naked. Not long after Cal is wandering back from the bathroom, still [...]

Conrad still not learned

Having been spanked for walking around naked Conrad has put on some joggers, but with no underwear, to compound the crime he is also hard and the things is sticking out. He is told he has to pay [...]

Reiner makes a mess

Reiner goes into the kitchen to get a snack and upsets a large collection of bottle caps being saved for charity. They go everywhere and make not only a mess but a huge noise. While he standing [...]

Cheeky Conrad

Just out the shower and walking around naked Conrad answers back when he is asked to get some clothes on. He runs off and is bought back by the ear. Ass up and getting a spanking he sees clothes [...]

Milo Thrashed and More

Milo gets a new shirt for college and orders to stay out of trouble. He sets off on his way to college on a sunny day. On his way through the park he is unaware that he is being watched and [...]

Sandy OTK

Sandy was messing around in gym and has been sent for a spanking. Standing there in his jock he looks a little forlorn. His butt reddens quickly and when the straps on his jock are moved the [...]

Light fingered Tristram

When you need to change the RAM in your laptop it is not a good idea to steal the RAM out of someone elses machine, especially if the other laptop belongs to Raoul. Half way through the deed [...]

Cal late

Craig is fuming as Cal is late home from work and he had things planned. Cal is summoned as soon as Craig hears the door close and in a flash he has Cal ass up and is spanking him hard on the [...]

Sandy in Trouble

Sandy is up in front of the headmaster again, fourth time in a week. This time he has tried the mans patience to much and has to take his punishment. Sandy has one of those faces that is in a [...]