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Milo gets a new shirt for college and orders to stay out of trouble. He sets off on his way to college on a sunny day. On his way through the park he is unaware that he is being watched and wanders along without a care in the world. The thug rushes out of the bushes and grabs a hold of Milo and drags him off. Back at the apartment Milo is thrown on the bed, with a slap across the face, and his short ripped off, his trousers are down and his ass is getting a hard rough spanking. He tries to struggle but is over powered and the thug lays into his ass with hand and paddle. As things hot up the thug tries to get Milo to suck his dick but he refuses as long as he can. Then thrown down Milo gets fucked and spanked, in several positions – laying on his side being fucked from behind and paddled at the same time. A rough session of spanking and sex ends with Milo being thrown out the room. Milo gets home and it is spotted instantly that his brand new short is ripped and in tatters, he is a world of hurt from here on. He is told to strip and get OTK and a good hard spanking starts. He is squealing and crying as his already sore ass gets spanked hard with the paddle, brush and hand. He s then made to stand up and bend over the chair and get some strokes of the cane. The whole scene is a swapfest between the brush and paddle with the occasional break for a caning. His ass is two glowing orbs and the brush makes its mark with a few low swats to really hurt. Milos screams and howls as his ass gets a blistering spanking, no wonder he looks forlorn at the end, he deserves the hug he gets for taking it like a man


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