Sandy is up in front of the headmaster again, fourth time in a week. This time he has tried the mans patience to much and has to take his punishment. Sandy has one of those faces that is in a permanent smirk, it is not attitude but it gets him into trouble often. He is told to drop his trousers and get over the heads knee. The tighty whities are presented and the swats start. These are then pulled down and his smooth little butt gets the fianl set. Told to watch himself in future he is dismissed. later that day Sandy is back again and the headmaster is far from happy. This time sandy is over the desk bare assed and getting some swats with the slim paddle. A deceptive item that has a real zip to each stroke. The exasperated head tells the lad to mend his ways and I wonder if he has learned his lesson

preview for update named Lazy Cal gets the Brushpreview for update named Cal late