Toby College

Having been called home from work to deal with the lazy Toby Tony is in no mood for excuses. Toby is told he is a lazy brat and needs teaching a lesson. He is told to drop ’em and kneel on [...]

Cal pays the price

We have had a lot of emails about Cal always being top dog around the place and in many ways he rules the other guys very strictly. But what is noticed is that he rarely gets to pay for his own [...]

Lazy Milo

Sat in the kitchen with his feet up on the side Milo is one lazy brat but thats about to change. Thrown into the lounge he is told to strip and wait while the chair is bought in for some OTK [...]

Jimmy bills

Jimmy is, as always with these lads, playing on his mobile when in storms Uncle and confronts him with the bill. Jimmys attitude is one of ”like I care” and he just looks [...]

Mik Part 2. gets the brush

Having been soundly strapped Mik was sent to his room in part 1. Now in his room he starts to complain and moan loudly, calling out names and insults and rubbing his throbbing butt. The noise and [...]

Mik Strap

He has been warned a dozen times or more to behave himself and he never listens. So Mik finds himself thrown down onto the couch and getting the strap hard on his quivering butt. Pinned down with [...]

Meet Tristram

The only thing thats worse than a lazy brat is a surly lazy brat. Tristram is still in bed half way through the day and thats red rag to a bull where Uncle is concerned. Dragged out of bed and [...]

Matteo Naughty

He should be studying but guess what he is watching porn. Matteo is one of those guys that has a naughty streak a mile wide and simply cannot help getting into trouble all the time. Just as he [...]

Eric Lurking

Cal is out for his morning run and exercises, he jogs through the forest and stops to work out. Unknown to him Eric is also out walking early and has spotted the sexy Cal working up a sweat. As [...]