We have had a lot of emails about Cal always being top dog around the place and in many ways he rules the other guys very strictly. But what is noticed is that he rarely gets to pay for his own misdemeanour’s. So he is called in and everything is explained to him, and the point is made that a set with the paddle would go a long way to showing him what he is doing to the lads and understanding what they feel. So he stands up and drops his trousers and gets OTK and gets a few swats on the very tight underwear, this guy has buns that are rock solid looking at the film. Once his underwear is down his butt really starts to colour nicely and Cal takes it hard and he takes it stoically. But OTK is not the best way to administer the paddle and Cal is told to stand up and take a few minutes to think things over before he is ordered to kneel on the couch and present his butt for more paddling. This is the best way to use the paddle and as Cals balls swing back and forth as the swats fall his face shows that a lesson is indeed being learned. In the end he stands up and is complimented on his toughness and shakes hands like a true man.

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