Cal is out for his morning run and exercises, he jogs through the forest and stops to work out. Unknown to him Eric is also out walking early and has spotted the sexy Cal working up a sweat. As Cal works out Eric gets very horny and starts to play with himself, unable to restrain himself he gets his huge dick out and starts blatantly jerking off. Out of the corner of his eye cal spots the jerking lurker and shouts at him. Eric tucks away his tool and runs off with Cal in hot pursuit. However, cal is a very fit guy and soon has a hold of Eric who he drags to a tree stump and having sat down pulls Eric OTK for a serious spanking. On the jeans and underwear he is spanked hard and when his bare ass is revealed he already has some splendid marks and red glow. Having made the point that he is very unhappy at being watched Cal chases Eric off.

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