Matteo 2

So having been told to stand and think about the error of his ways Matteo ignores the warning almost before he is alone. His attitude is cocky and he shows no respect at all. When he is caught [...]

David Late Again

A lovely summers afternoon and David is at the lake for a days relaxing and swimming. He has a great time splashing around and sunbathing and even takes a few selfies on his phone for fun. [...]

Meet Matteo

Matteo is a brat no other way to put it. He is arrogant and cocky and thats all there is to it. He is facing the wall for a misdemeanor but he is not reflecting on the error of his ways at all. [...]

Eric needs the cash

Rod is waiting for Eric to arrive, Eric has fallen on hard times and needs the cash and has done a deal for a spanking with Rod. When he turns up he is told to strip off and Rod prepares by [...]

Page bill

Confronted by a huge bill for mobile usage Page has no excuses and the out come is pretty clear fromt he start. Pulled OTK and whalloped Page is taught how to use the mobile less.

Pat and Bob

Pat is waiting for Bob – Bob is Bens older brother, older by 15 minutes that is, They are not identical twins but close enough alike that there is no mistaking the fact. Pat is working [...]

Ben sea

Its a lovely summers day and Ben heads off to the beach. He lays out his towel and strips off to his bathers and gets in the sea. Splashing round and playing in the waves he has a great time [...]

Neil Because he needs it

Like all naughty lads it is always a safe bet that they have done something wrong, they think it is minor but the point is that is it is wrong and they need to be reminded of that. So in comes [...]

David Rule

Engaged in personal pleasures, He settles down and starts to amuse himself, he has bought a rule with him so he can check his size as well – a little optimistic looking at the size of David [...]