A lovely summers afternoon and David is at the lake for a days relaxing and swimming. He has a great time splashing around and sunbathing and even takes a few selfies on his phone for fun. However, as always happens time passes quickly and he is very very late home. Craig is not impressed and immediately grabs the lad OTK and lays into his butt. But this is a case of ‘ yet again ‘ and Craig grabs the strap and gives the squirming lad a good few swats with that. Then he grabs the paddle and administers that OTK as well. Poor David is no doubt that he has over stepped the mark this time. In a final part to the lesson Craig uses the cane to really make the point. After 4 spankings on his glowing butt David is left feeling very sorry for himself on the sofa possibly wondering if he should pay more attention to time.

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