Its a lovely summers day and Ben heads off to the beach. He lays out his towel and strips off to his bathers and gets in the sea. Splashing round and playing in the waves he has a great time chilling out. Getting back to the towel he lays down and dries off falling asleep in the warm sun. By the time he gets home it is late and he is in so much trouble. Pat does not bother to shout and lecture the lad and Ben looks sheepish as he knows what is to follow. He is pulled by the ear and in an act of submissive compliance goes OTK to get a really good walloping. His thin cotton shorts offer no protection from Pats ire and when they are pulled down it turns out Ben is wearing backless underwear – almost designed for spanking – and his red butt is on show instantly. pat is a purist and has to pull even these revealing boxers down to spank the lad. A nice long intro to the clip and some lovely shots on the beach – matched with a great spanking that he deserves.

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