Orrin Never Learns

Orrin has had his corner time and is getting twitchy and starts to move around only to be caught. He gets called back for another spanking – this time OTK. Afterwards he is told to go back [...]

Rod Reiner

Reiner has just finished his shower and tells Rod its fine for him to use now, so off Rod goes. Reiner settles down and starts to use Rods mobile to watch porn getting a little horny as he does [...]

Gerry Paddle

While he is happy to just sit there and play with his mobile all day, as all the young seem to these days, the chores around the house do not get done and that is a problem. All he had to do was [...]

Orrin Wheelbarrow

Never a lad to stay out of mischief Orrin finds himself standing with his hands on his head waiting for his comeuppance. When he is called over to the chair he is told to go into the wheelbarrow [...]

Milo is late

Uncle Mark has come back and we asked him to interview the famous Milo Milis to see if he would work for us. But being an arrogant lad because he has worked a lot in the adult business he is late [...]

Cal Caught Out

Cal has been out and bought a magazine for a little solo relaxation in the afternoon. He is quite happy until Mik blunders into the room and catches him out. Mik laughs and giggles at his brother [...]