While he is happy to just sit there and play with his mobile all day, as all the young seem to these days, the chores around the house do not get done and that is a problem. All he had to do was sort and put away the laundry but that was just too much to expect. Craig is not a guy to accept this kind of thing and laugh it off, as you might imagine, so when he comes home and absolutely nothing has been done he gets a little upset. The struggling Gerry finds himself bottom up OTK and getting a good hard spanking, which is exactly what we do expect from Craig of course, and no amount of complaining is going to stop it happening. On the shorts, underwear and bare ass he gets the lesson in tardiness which he sorely needs. As a final warning to mend his ways Gerry is knelt down and given a taste of the paddle for good measure, and what a lovely little butt to paddle. Standing there afterwards rubbing his throbbing buns he looks at the laundry and without even bothering to dress he starts to sort it out – lesson learned I think

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