Uncle Mark has come back and we asked him to interview the famous Milo Milis to see if he would work for us. But being an arrogant lad because he has worked a lot in the adult business he is late for the appointment. Uncle is not one to waste time and he grabs a hold of Milo by the ear and gets him OTK and really lays it on. The lad is quite surprised and he struggles and complains continuously. When he struggles too much uncle grabs his ear to keep him in place, and he pins his arm down as the lad keeps trying to protect his rear. Getting Milo to drop his trousers uncle keeps a hold of by the ear and soon has him back OTK after a few stern strokes he pulls down the lads underwear and a lovely little butt is revealed, which is a nice colour already. The squirming and moaning lad gets a good spanking but being late is simply not acceptable and uncle pulls the lad round by the ear again and gets him kneeling on the sofa and lays a few thwacks on with the belt for good measure. I am sure Miklo has learnt to tell the time and will be early for his next filming day

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