Cheeky Orrin

As we were setting up the shot Orrin gave Tony the finger but unfortunately for him he was spotted. He is soon OTK and getting his cute little butt spanked. He seems to realise that he has been [...]

Cheeky Orrin

Orrin comes back from his last spanking to pick up some change that fell from his pocket and in doing so shows the finger in contempt, only to be seen and caught. He is told off and then made to [...]

Nic Escort

Nic calls an escort round for a bit of the usual, but after a few minutes watching the lad in action he decides he wants to spank him hard and really get his monies worth. What follows is a hot [...]

Jimmy uncle

Sometimes even we are surprised by some of the things models do. So imagine what happened when Jimmy turned up and introduced his uncle. And Uncle Mark then enlightened us to a whole catalog of [...]

Orrin OTK

By popular request here is a short clip of Orrin OTK. He has been very busy away at Uni so this is a rare chance to grab him and give his lovely little bum a spanking. He has no doubt been [...]

Murray and the the missing cash

Murray and the the missing cash Craig checks his wallet on the way out to the shop and sees that there is some cash missing. An investigation leads to it being found hidden in a book in Murrays [...]

The Ruined T-Shirt

Cal is getting ready to go out, he sets up the ironing board and grabs his T shirt. He looks at it and not only is the collar dirty but there is a big hole in it from a cigarette burn. He calls [...]