Murray and the the missing cash Craig checks his wallet on the way out to the shop and sees that there is some cash missing. An investigation leads to it being found hidden in a book in Murrays room. The lad is called and asked to explain, standing there sheepishly going through the book he knows he has no answers or excuses. Craig gets him OTK and lays it on hard on the jeans and then the tight fitting underwear. They come down and a lovely smooth red bum gets more of the same treatment. Craig stops and then presents Murray with a host of new clothes that the lad has bought with stolen cash. OTK is not enough for this and he gets the table tennis bat and spanks the lad hard with that. A good long spanking for a naughty brat and he is left standing there trying to look round and see his glowing bum that is tingling nicely. Nicely for us that is.

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