Cal is getting ready to go out, he sets up the ironing board and grabs his T shirt. He looks at it and not only is the collar dirty but there is a big hole in it from a cigarette burn. He calls Mik and asks him to explain whats happened, Mik is in a surly mood and acts like it really doesn’t matter at all, bad move really and Cal grabs him and drags him OTK and lays on a few heavy swats on the jeans. This leads to a set on the underwear and finally the bare ass. But Cal is really not happy as he has to buy a new T shirt and he stands Mik up and bends him over the desk and grabs the brush and lays some marvelous cracks on Miks red quivering bum. Stopping to giving a few harsh words of warning and squeezing the gloriously red cheeks for a bit of added pain Cal seizes on the idea of making the point about not going in his wardrobe and grabs the wire coat hanger and whips that across Miks butt as well. The brat is then thrown out the room and Cal tries to think what he can wear now his favoutite T shirt is ruined.

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