Jimmy College Report

Jimmy gives the illusion of being a good student but it is just an illusion. His report card says that he is is clearly not doing any work. He tries to resist being spanked and there is a [...]

Mik Snow

Mik is playing in the snow when he gets a call to say he is late home. He rushes off but walks straight into a spanking for being late, he is pinned to the staircase and has his trousers pulled [...]

David Cane

David has been warned time and time again about his behaviour. There is nothing left but a good hard set with the cane and thats just what he gets. He screams and shouts and his legs buckle as [...]

Robby Mess

Robby is a slob, no doubt about it. There is a real mess in his room and he is content to live in it. However, Craig is not so pleased with the situation and sets about teaching the lad a few [...]

Robby is Late

Standing in the snow Robby knows he is late and he knows what will happen. He is simply delaying the inevitable really. Craig is sat in the kitchen working himself into a real temper and the [...]

Gary Left in Trouble

David and Gary are larking around tickling each other and generally being naughty. David puts Gary in hand restraints and then deserts the lad. The room is trashed and Gary is left on the floor [...]

Mik Change

A crisp fresh snowy morning and Mik goes to the shop. He pockets some of the change and thinks that Craig will not notice. He arrives home and presents the shopping and the change. Craig notices [...]

Eric in Trouble

Eric is told repeatedly to get on with things but still sits playing with his phone. Craig loses the plot and drags the lazy lad OTK for a serious spanking. This is followed by a set with the [...]

David Mess

Craig goes to the bathroom and the place is a tip – clothes and towels thrown everywhere. He heads off to Davids room where the towel clad lad is lazing around. David gets a great short sharp [...]