A crisp fresh snowy morning and Mik goes to the shop. He pockets some of the change and thinks that Craig will not notice. He arrives home and presents the shopping and the change. Craig notices instantly that it is short and hurls the coins across the room and grabs Mik and pulls him OTK – he is so fat in his anger that he gets Mik down and has to spank in reverse. He gives up and pulls Mik up by the ear and tells him to drop his jeans – Mik is sullen and sulking already and needs to be pushed to get a move on. He gets OTK and Craig really hits him for the theft, his underwear is down and Craigs spank-n-grip style is really making Miks bum red. In the end Craig demands the change that was stolen and Mik, whoi is starting to dress, rummages in his pocket for the missing cash. When Craig sees a note and not coins he pulls Mik into a kneeling position and spanks his ass some more before throwing the lad and his clothes out the room.

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