Robby is a slob, no doubt about it. There is a real mess in his room and he is content to live in it. However, Craig is not so pleased with the situation and sets about teaching the lad a few house rules. Robby is startled when Craig bursts into the room and grabs him roughly and whips down his tracksuit bottoms – only moments before he had been settling down to jerk off and had his dick in his hand – luck Craig did not see that. Craig bends the lad onto the sofa bed and spanks his ass hard, as only Craig can. The lad is jumping and squirming to try and protect his tingling rear end but to no avail. The final flourish of swats and Robby is left red assed and angry faced – his salute to Craig as he leaves is a big risk and he is lucky this time that it was not seen – Robby slumps onto the sofa bed and rubs his sore bum looking at the mess he made that got him in this position…A lesson learned, I fear not.

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