Toby knows as well as anyone that smoking is a no no in the apartment yet he is outside grabbing a quick one, why these lads have to smoke is beyond me anyway. But Craig has come into the room and is sat there patiently waiting for him to come back inside. Toby is a little surprised to see Craig waiting and is in for more than a surprise now. OTK he goes and Craig really lays it on, by the time Toby drops his trousers the red glow from his bum is clearly seen around his white underwear. Looking at Tobys face as the swats fall the lad is seriously thinking about giving up smoking. He has a lovely smooth little butt and the spanking has added a beautiful deep red glow but Craig is not finished and lands a few with the ping pong bat as well to add that little extra note of anger at Toby smoking. Left close to tears Toby has something to think about and a sore butt to nurse.

preview for update named Orrin otk batpreview for update named Foolish Terry