Cal is smoking outside, he gave up the habit years ago but has decided to grab a sneaky smoke. He is enjoying his guilty pleasure when Toby appears and is shocked to see him doing it. He tells cal that he is going to inform Craig about this as Craig is seriously anti smoking. Angry at the attitude of the guy Cal follows him back into the apartment and drags him OTK. He is really giving him a spanking when in comes Craig and demands to know what is going on. Toby leaps to his feet and tells him whats happened. Toby is asked to leave and Craig grabs hold of Cal and gets the guy OTK and starts to dish out some justice. On the trousers and then the underwear Craigs heavy hand does the business. After a good bare ass spanking Craig drops Cal and leaves for a moment only to return with the brush. Cals protests and squirming as the brush blisters his ass are great. For those waiting to see cal taken down a peg or two this is it and the brush is the ideal tool for the job.

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