Mik and Murray are being guys, they are watching porn on the mobile and getting off on it. They are getting horny as lads do and before long Murray is in his underwear and Mik has his cock out. Both half naked now they are just starting to jerk each other when in come Domek and he is shocked by what he sees and leaves the room. The lads carry on enjoying themselves until the door opens and in come Craig, Domek has snitched on the two lads and bought him to see. Craig grabs hold of Mik and tells Murray to stand and wait. OTK goes Mik and he gets a bum burning spanking with Murray and Domek watching. Mik does his best to firm it out as his underwear is pulled down and he gets a bare assed spanking as well. Craig finishes and both Mik and Domek are shown out the room, Murray is grabbed and pulled down OTK. Craig will teach him to play around, and no matter how Murray struggles Craig wallops him hard, so lovely camera angles for Murray getting his just deserts. Craig finishes with a flourish and almost throws the lad onto the couch and storms out the room.

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