Craig is sitting quietly reading while Murray is chatting on SMS to his friends. One message is a shock and Murray says out load ‘ What the fuck ‘ ! Craig throws down his book and leaps at the foul mouthed lad and drags him OTK. Craig will not have swearing in the house. After a few warm up swats Murrays shorts and underwear are down and his already red bum gets some more. Craig is obviously thinking while he is spanking the lad as he stops and makes Murray stand and wait as he leaves the room. Murray rubs his bum as it is warm from Craigs OTK spanking. Craig goes to the bathroom and grabs a bar of soap and then to his drawer and gets the strap and paddle before heading back to the salon and the waiting lad. Dropping the strap and paddle on the couch he grabs Murray and shoves the soap in his mouth, a tried and tested remedy for lads that swear, and spanks him OTK. Murray spits out the soap only to have it firmly put back in place as Craig reaches for the strap. Both the strap and paddle are applied OTK and the gagging lad finds it hard to moan with the soap bar in his mouth. A final swat with the paddle and Murray is sent from the room with his tail between his legs. A nice mouth soaping clip with a very angry Craig.

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