Ricky is sleeping late and enjoying a lay in when Jimmy very quietly enters the room and sits on the bed. He is very horny and his bulging tighty whiteys show the reason he is here. Jimmy removes the bed clothes and starts to rub and play with Rickys ass. He pulls down Rickys boxers and starting to finger the guy when he wakes up, furious at being disturbed. he grabs hold of Jimmy and drags him OTK in a flash and starts to wallop him hard. Jimmy is thrashing round as his bubble butt in white boxers gets a really good spanking. Ricky has a great style of his own when he spanks and he is really making Jimmy pay the price for his actions. The boxers are down and Jimmys little butt is getting a great deep glow to it now. Ricky being a guy has a morning wood and spanking Jimmy is making him very hard indeed. He has his hand down his underwear and a quick play with his cock. He spanks harder and it turns him on so much he just throws Jimmy over and sits on his chest and shoots a huge load of hot morning jizz into the lads face.

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