When the dishwasher packs up a repair man is called. He arrives and has a look and says its no problem to fix. Once alone he raids the fridge and starts to take the machine apart. What is clear is that he does not have a clue what he is doing. Parts are pulled out and looked at blankly. A small flood happens and the kitchen descends into and a watery mess. When Tony returns to see how things are going he is stunned by the sight. He looks closely at the machine and spots out of the corner of his eye a sales tag on the overalls of the repairman. Confronted with a con man Tony grabs the guy and throws him OTK and spanks him. The repair man has a small cute hairy butt and the red glow through the hair is a splendid sight. Harry, the repairman, once soundly spanked is made to gather up his tools and leave – but while he does so he is given a few swats with a plastic pipe he has ripped out of the machine. A light hearted start to a good spanking clip.

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