I had been out and bought some Easter eggs and treats for the lads – carefully placed in the kitchen ready for the big day. However, when I came back an hour later they had all gone – all that was left was a pile of empty wrappers and a few crumbs. In search of the culprit I rush around the house asking everyone I see. Up and down stairs like a yoyo. Rod says he didnt take it, Jacob says he didnt take it, simon say he hadnt….on and on I search even walking in on David who is jerking frantically who never looks up but says he didnt take it. Finally I find the culprit. ”Did you take the chocolate” I ask – ”No” is the reply – with a look of innocence and chocolate all round his face…OTK and a walloping before being marched off to the bathroom to wash his face – then told to go to the shop and buy all the chocolate again from his own pocket…..A light hearted clip

preview for update named Rod Bullypreview for update named David Brush