Eric is out and about when he should be at college. Every time Tony sees him and calls to him he scampers off with Tony in hot pursuit. Once Eric pauses for breath he is caught and spanked right there and then on his jeans for evading capture. He is then told to go home and strip off and wait in the corner. Eric runs off and does as he is told as he knows the game is up and now is payback time. Once home Tony gives Eric a sound OTK as a starter. Then Eric is made to kneel on the floor, arms out stretched behind him, and hold a coin on the wall with his nose. A difficult and taxing variation on the usual corner time, watching you can see the stress showing in his twitching muscles. After some time he is removed from the position and spanked even more soundly OTK. A lesson learned? Well, not very likely in Erics case.

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