I found out that the lads have been playing around when they are left alone. Its a game they invented to pass the time between scenes. The rules appear to change all the time and there is a great deal of banter between them all. The general idea is that the the dice dictate who gets hit by who and with what and there is an ultimate looser, but no winner. Matt Sean Gerry ( with his nick name Gizzy being used ) and Jacob all get turns at being spanked and spanking other lads. They use hand and belt and a wooden spoon in the game and some on the jeans and some on the bare ass and of course with your friends laughing at you it has a lot of bravado and humiliation going on. Its a great fun clip and even when Sean, who is apparently loosing anyway, gets caught cheating and Gerry drags him by the hair to pay the forfeit of sucking everyones dicks there is a sense of great fun being had by all the guys.

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