Rod has invited Glen round for an afternoons hot sex and as things hot up and the lads are naked and getting down to it Rod has to leave the room to get some condoms. While he is gone Glen sees that he has left his wallet on the table and without thinking he grabs it and starts to look for cash to steal. Rod comes back and catches him red handed all thoughts of sex gone in a flash and Glen is thrown OTK and spanked. Trouble is this is a turn on for Rod and he has mixed feelings about what to do. He stops spanking and gets Glen to start giving him a blow job. Thats OK but he is angry about the guy trying to rob him and he has to spanking him again. Of course when both guys are horny, Rod because he likes spanking the guy and Glen as he want sex, then its only natural that they go back to Glen sucking Rods dick. But as the mood has been lost and Rod is so angry he cant finish the job he throws Glen out in a fit of anger.

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