This is a request clip for FG in the USA with extra butt play. Lew strips down to enjoy jerking off at leisure as Uncle is out for the day. Jerking at his impressive meat his mind wanders and he soon starts to finger his hole, this just makes him hotter and he is pulling furiously at his dick. After blowing his load he gets sleepy and nestles down for a quick doze. He is awoken by the sound of the door and Uncle returning, he grabs his underwear and shorts and pulls them on rapidly. Uncle is unimpressed that the guy has done nothing all day and has obviously been sleeping and more besides. Seems a waste of time Lew pulling on his boxers and shorts as Uncle removes them layer by layer as he spanks the lazy brat hard OTK. No matter how Lew squirms and tries to protect his rear Uncle lays it on and gets the guys bum glowing nicely. Soundly spanked and feeling rather foolish Lew has the final humiliation of having to strip the bed clothes off that he has soiled, clearly Uncle didnt miss a thing when he came back

preview for update named Matteo the painter part 2preview for update named Eric Lurking