David is enjoying watching a bit of porn and amusing himself when in comes Pat and catches him redhanded. Would not be so bad if David had done his chores first but of course he hasnt. OTK he goes and struggling wildly gets his butt spanked. Pat spanks furiously and works up quite a sweat and his hand, wet with sweat from his brow, really cracks down on Davids smooth butt. Making the wayward lad stand by the wall Pat removes his belt and goes to grab the lad again to get him back OTK looking at the floor. But David is having none of it and really puts up a struggle to avoid the belt. Pat of course wins the day and the belt is laid on nicely to the squirming lads red ass. Punishment administered David is sent to his room and Pat stares at him wondering what goes through these guys minds when they misbehave knowing the consequences

preview for update named Ben over he goespreview for update named Matteo the painter part 2