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Jimmy has come home from college to be confronted with a pack of cigarettes found in his room. One very angry Tony was cleaning the place before he went to work and found them hidden away. Fortunately, or unfortunately for Jimmy, the collection of spanking implements was also in the process of being tidied up and are ready at hand. Hoisted up OTK for a minute or so is now where enough to make the point that Jimmy has to stop smoking. So he is ordered to take off his trousers and underwear and adopt a position on the couch and get a few hard strokes of the cane. From here on it is a mixture of cane, paddle, strap and brush that are applied to the lads ass. Constantly changing and never letting up. His legs kicking and his wild screams and cries are music and poetry to the ears and eyes of any top. The begging and pleading go unheeded as he is soundly thrashed and taught a lesson. Jimmy is left in a sobbing heap by the end of the session. Ricky has also just come home from college and peeps round the door and sees Jimmy laying there half naked and soundly spanked. He sits to comfort him only to find that he is tempted to give the lad a few swats himself. Jimmys reaction is electric as his ass is already tender from Tonys spanking. This turns on Ricky and he soon has his dick in one hand and is spanking Jimmy with the other. Stripping off as he spanks the blubbing lad he makes Jimmy take a mouth full of dick and then throws him down for some spanking. This goes on until Ricky cannot hold back any more and fucks the well spanked lad, spanking him as he does so. Finally dumping his load on Jimmys ass he rubs it round and a final wet handed swat and leaves the poor guy wondering if smoking is really worth it.


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