Cal has an important interview and has a suit and tie on for the occasion, he goes to get in the car and head off and whats this? Its gone….Mik comes home and Cal confronts him, Mik says he was only out for 5 minutes and so what. Well thats enough for Cal and Mik is dragged by the ear OTK and Cal starts to spank him on the jeans. Pulling down his jean Cal continues to spank the moaning Mik. This is not enough and Mik is told to take off his jeans and underwear and get back OTK. Kicking and struggling makes cal remove his jacket and get down to some serious spanking. However, he needs to add a little spice to the affair and he gets Mik turned round into the wheelbarrow, removes his tie and gives him a good walloping. Miks protests mean little to his angry brother and his red bum is testimony to that. Leaving Mik curled up on the floor clutching him sore butt Cal grabs his jacket and tie and leaves a little later than planned for his meeting.

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