Neil has been naughty all week and this is the show down. He is called in faces a long session. First off he gets the cane on the trousers and then on the bare ass. Nail likes his jock straps and that saves time by getting to his bare ass fast and not underwear to impede the punishment. He is told to sit in the naughty chair. He sits too easily and quickly so he is called back for an OTK set, told to sit again on the chair, called back and spanked more. This is what he hates most and his face falls more and more as the clip goes on. Several OTK sets later he is sitting waiting and the paddle appears. First he gets the paddle OTK and told to sit then he gets the paddle bending over the chair. Next after his sitting is the strap OTK and the hand of course plays a part. His butt is a beautiful spanking bloom by now and sitting is hard. A final set OTK and told to stand with his nose in the corner. A really long clip with a range of attitude adjusters for this sexy tough guy.

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