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Craig likes a glass of wine form time to time but when he goes the cupboard in the kitchen he finds thatthe bottle is nearly empty, the culprit has to be Mik as he has been known to have a drink when no one is looking. When confronted Mik has some serious attitude, he has been very surly lately anyway, Craig wastes no time and grabs him OTK and lays on some serious swats. Mik takes it well, his bum going a nice rosy red – always nice to see as Mik has a great butt. Craig thinks that the lad has been punished enough and tells Mik to go to his room and stay there. Still wanting his afternoon glass of wine Craig heads off to the shop to get a new bottle. Now as stern and strict as he is Craig also has a softer side, when he gets home armed with his new bottle he calls Mik down and offers him a candy lollipop – these are Miks favourite, he always has a pocket full – but as the lad has just been spanked he is not in the mood to be placated by a piece of candy and throws it back in Craigs face. Furious that the lad has thrown his peace offering away Craig gets Mik on the couch and starts to spank him, but this is serious and he stops and makes Mik go and fetch the strap from the cupboard. Told to lay down Craig then proceeds to lay on the strap hard and has Mik bucking and wailing as the swats fall. A final set OTK to add to the already stinging butt he has makes Mik think about his attitude. When the lad is finally sent from the room Craig sits and sighs, rubs his hands through his hair, all tops know this feeling – has it worked? has the lad learned to mend his ways? The sigh says that he doubts it


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