Travelling home on the tram Ben knows his report is awful and he reaches the point where he does not actually care. Slightly cocky and arrogant he wanders home and simply walks into the front room and throws the report at Tony – who is quietly reading the newspaper – and walks out again.. Shocked by the fleeting appearance of the guy and landing of the report he takes a look and is disappointed to see that Ben is a lazy student. He calls the guy back and starts to question him but is met with a shrug and a smirk, red rag to a bull that and Ben finds himself OTK looking at the carpet in a flash. Told to drop his trousers after a short warm up he gets some real swats on the tight white underwear. Hos face is suddenly not quite so cocky. When he stands to drop his underwear Tony pounces and whips them down for him and we see that Ben already has a super red butt for his troubles. Squirming over the knee Ben gets a good spanking for both his arrogance and his tardiness. But his humiliation is only added to when at the end he is marched from the room with his trousers down around his knees, struggling to pull them up. Ben is a tough little cookie and his bright red bum is good to see.

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