David is missing again and that can only mean one thing, he is in the forest playing with himself. He gets caught and stood against a tree and hand spanked for a start. Then to his dismay he is made to go and cut a switch from the nearby bushes. His face is a picture as he finds one and cuts it out and starts to trim it back. Handing it over he hesitates getting into position and his ass clenches tight as he waits for the first cut of the switch. The strokes fall and David is soon howling and it echoes round the forest, a super low cut brings a scorching welt up on his upper leg. He buckles and stumbles and his ass is quivering well as he takes his dues. This is a hard lesson he is learning this time. The final twist is that his switch tender ass is then hand spanked hard to get the point home nicely. David heads off trying to dress himself with the switch whisking through the air behind him.

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