After being spanked for being lazy Ben is sent off to the shop to restock the fridge. But you can tell from the way he is walking that he is not in the slightest bit interested in shopping. So when he gets back and half the things he went for are missing Pat is rightly annoyed. He storms over to Ben and very roughly starts to spank him kneeling on the couch, no time for the niceties of OTK. Gripping the lad under one arm he whips down his shorts and underwear and lays it on hard. Then as he feels the lad simply will not get it he stops and removes his belt. Taking Ben under his arm again he starts to belt the brat. No matter how much Ben struggles he is not going to get away from one angry Pat. The last swat falls and Ben is left to dress himself and decide id lazy ways are the best ways.

preview for update named Jacob - Messy Bratpreview for update named Mik surly as ever