No matter what rules are laid down some guys never listen and they wonder why they are in a world of trouble. Rod is a guy like that.Not content with being a bully he is also a lazy time keeper. Eventually arriving home his time keeping is discussed and he simply shrugs it off. That is until he is told to go to his room and strip down to his underwear and wait. He barely has time to start to consider the error of his ways when he finds himself OTK and getting a hard walloping on the tight white underwear. Underwear that is soon pulled down to reveal a nice red rump, and as he is spanked more a deep crimson glow appears. However, as a reminder he is told to wait once again in the corner while the paddle is fetched. Kneeling on the couch Rod takes a great paddling that adds real heat and depth to his glowing bum. When he is finally left he is laying there sobbing and rubbing his red hot butt.

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