David is in the lounge watching porn on his mobile and decides he needs to jack off. No sooner has he started that Craig comes in and catches him. David gets a walloping for doing it in the lounge and is sent to his room. Once in his room he vents his anger and decides to carry on where he left off. Stripped off and tugging away at his cock he is a world of his own. However, Craig knows what he is like and bursts into the room, brush in hand, and catches the lad red handed. After a short struggle David finds himself ass up OTK and is getting a serious spanking. Craig is a smart guy and knows just to hit that spot. he uses his hand to warm Davids rear end and the the bush, But he flips the brush and after a few swats he strokes Davids red bum with the brush hairs. The effect of this is that David jumps and yelps as he never knows what is going to happen next. It is a great way of playing with the sensitivity of Davids rear and gives a great spanking.

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