Rod is a cocky lazy guy at the best of times and today is no different. When Craig asks him politely to do some chores Rod squares up to him and says ‘No’. Craig asks again and Rod stands his ground and becomes a little aggressive. Craig turns and leaves the room and Rod sits and gloats that his standing up to Craig has got him out of work. However, Craig returns a moment later with the brush in hand determined to set the record straight. There is a scuffle as Rod tries to fight off the very angry Craig but in vain. Rod is OTK and has his tracksuit bottoms pulled down and Craig sets about pointing out the error of his ways in his own style. Switching between the hand and the brush as Rod wriggle screams and struggles he brings out a beautiful spanking bloom on the lads rear end. Craig is not a guy to be messed with at the best of times and this act of defiance was the last straw with Rod.

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